Time to Get Outdoorsy

It’s that time of year when I’ve got camping on the brain! (Even though I’ve camped approximately 2.5 times in my life. And all before the age of 13. But that’s neither here nor there.) You know what they say about a great adventure, half the fun is getting there. Well in this case, half the fun is in the stuff you take there with you. Not exactly glamping, but pretty damn close.

The Occa Maison Marine Lantern for some after dark ambiance. A Brass Stowaway Capsule to keep matches dry and you headed in the right direction. Several Banquinho Stools for gathering around the campfire. Some DIY hand-painted mugs for everyone to take home after the trip as a memento. An enamel long handled warmer for heating hot chocolate and hot toddies. And of course some stylish Marshmallow Twig Roasters for s’mores. (Duh.) Last but not least, lots of cozy Pendleton camp blankets to keep the chill out.

PHOTO: National Geographic

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