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I haven’t posted anything about Hurricane Sandy, and the reason is that I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around it. The day before it struck I was making my way back from the Electrolux Design Lab event in Milan, and after narrowly making a connection in Frankfurt was thrilled to have landed stateside in Newark. Only to have my flight cancelled upon arrival. Instead of holing up in a hotel for the two days the airport was already scheduled to be closed, I opted to rent a car and drive through the night to my hometown in Pittsburgh where I spent three days before finally getting a flight out. Inconvenience, that’s really the only price I had to pay.

The devastation faced by New York and New Jersey is unbelievable, the photos don’t even make sense. The level of destruction, the help needed, the cost to rebuild. All of it. I hope you’ve all done at least a little something to help out those in a world of hurt, and if you haven’t here’s a starting point. Print Aid NYC has gathered a group of artists to create a poster around the idea of light. Each will be printed in limited edition runs of 50, new pieces will be added daily, and 100% of the proceeds go toward the Mayor’s Fund For Hurricane Relief.


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