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This month we ventured to West, a restaurant that would feel at home in any major metropolis but calls Oklahoma City home. I’d dined at West a few times prior to visiting for the Taste Tour, but always on their beautiful outdoor deck mid-day. This time we were lucky enough to be seated inside on the first evening of their latest menu release. Chef Eric Smith guided us through our menu selections, recommending both signature West dishes and new additions.



Both Caroline and I had just been through a few rough workdays and were ready for a cocktail. She opted for a classic while I perused the bar menu and settled on the Cranberry and Citrus Fizz. It was delicious – perfectly balanced and not overly sweet!



The very first thing to hit our table – Warm West Chips – ended up being my very favorite. House made potato chips served warm and tossed in a light bleu cheese fondue, then topped with bleu cheese crumbles and balsamico. I’m not a big fan of bleu cheese, but the variety used is so mild and complimentary to the balsamic that I almost cried when it was time for them to take away the plate. We also had a grilled Caesar salad with polenta croutons before our main dishes started to roll in, I loved the twist!



The Spicy Tuna Tacos were seriously delicious, I love jicama slaw and the fact that these had it sold me immediately. The whipped avocado and tomato basil ginger glaze took it all over the top.



Both Caroline and I agreed that this was our favorite dish. The Red Wine Risotto was served with a small filet, which if you know me isn’t usually something I would eat. But it worked so well with the decadent, perfectly cooked risotto that I couldn’t stop myself. Of course there’s no way we were able to eat everything in front of us at once, and this is what went home with me in a doggy bag. (My mouth is watering at the memory!) Caroling also took on the *job* of trying the Lemon Pepper Filet and a side of West Mac and Cheese (those leftovers went home with her!). I enjoyed a side of grilled broccolini that was simple and perfect.



Caroline couldn’t pass up a shot of my Grandma’s turquoise ring. I love it so much.



As if all of the food already mentioned wasn’t enough, we also tried two desserts. Roasted Peach and Ricotta Bread Pudding (they have a seasonal rotation every four months) and Banana Cake for Two, the latter of which made my eyes roll around in my head for a good fifteen seconds after the first taste. West also serves a dish of cotton candy (one of my favorite sweets and smells) at the end of every meal, a very fun and whimsical touch that’s sure to leave a good taste in your mouth about the entire dining experience. Thanks so much for a lovely evening, West!

All photos ©Caroline Cohenour

Disclaimer: West provided all food mentioned above, words and opinions are my own.

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