Peanut spent most of the month hiding out under the bedcovers. My wonderful friend Jaime gifted me two of her incredible line drawings! The Day Designer from Whitney English has effectively changed my life (she can never stop printing them). I taught the dogs about the joy of eating peanut butter straight from the jar. We celebrated my stepdad’s birthday – some more enthusiastically than others! Oklahoma sunsets never fail to make me catch my breath. My dear friend Carina sent me this Piper look-a-like postcard! I planted all of my porch pots earlier than ever, thanks to a photoshoot. Bebe finally learned how great it is to sit still and be scratched. Have you ever tried graham crackers with sharp white cheddar? (Do it.) Peanut got up close and personal with my phone. I’ve started to make my home office legit, starting with a filing cabinet.

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