Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Long exposure photos of fireflies in a forest.
02/ Easy Fried S’mores. MY HEART.
03/ Every neighborhood needs a Free Little Library, don’t you think?
04/ Decor tracks a city of bread as it deteriorates over a 6-month period.
05/ What your style of eggs says about you.
06/ Feet & Paws, a photo series of dog’s paws next to their owner’s feet!
07/ Realistic hybrid animals. (I’ll take a dorse, or is it a huck??)
08/ Best. Lemonade. Stand. Ever.
09/ Meet Projecto, a tiny projector for your Instagrams.
10/ Happy Donut Day! Now go make this Donut Garland and eat a dozen.

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  • rooth

    June 7, 2013 at 9:35 am Reply

    Omg… the dorse… HAH!

  • daria

    June 7, 2013 at 10:34 am Reply

    deep fried s’mores? omg!

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