Pattern Box

Pattern Box-1-Design Crush


This collection of patterned postcards – Pattern Box – just makes me happy. You know what I mean, how something seemingly small can do that? Curated by NYC’s Textile Arts Center, it features 100 postcards from ten international designers. Pattern Box is definitely going to amp up my correspondence game which has been sorely lacking in 2013, not to mention the inspiration wall in my office.


Pattern Box-2-Design Crush


Pattern Box-3-Design Crush

  • rooth

    August 29, 2013 at 12:30 pm Reply

    Me and my snail mail obsessive self are all over this one – thanks

  • Sunny

    August 29, 2013 at 12:40 pm Reply

    I’ve been looking for a large collection of postcards to use to decorate my dorm room–these are PERFECT! Thanks for sharing!

  • helen dealtry

    September 9, 2013 at 1:28 pm Reply

    Yay! So very happy to be a part of this collection. I love thinking about my designs winging ( or trailing) their way around the globe:)

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