PS I Love You + Camp Mighty

Palm Springs–1-Design Crush

Last Wednesday I departed on what was basically my first vacation in 7 1/2 years. I wish that were an exaggeration, but when it comes down to it I’m not the best at making time for myself. So a few months ago when a group of my favorite girlfriends decided to take a trip to Palm Springs I knew I had to join in or risk losing the small strand of sanity that keeps me going.


Palm Springs–2-Design Crush

Palm Springs–3-Design Crush

We stayed at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, which made me feel fully indoctrinated into hipter-ism. The campy vibe was perfect and laid back, while everyone on staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. Maybe more so than anywhere else I’ve ever stayed. I loved all of the little touches, from the teeny tiny cubed soap on a rope in each room to the heavy down duvet on my bed.


Palm Springs–4-Design Crush

Palm Springs–5-Design Crush

Palm Springs–6-Design Crush

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Ace used to be a rundown Holiday Inn that was given new life, and I love that the lobby/restaurant/bar on site are housed in a remodeled Denny’s!


Palm Springs–8-Design Crush

Palm Springs–9-Design Crush

Palm Springs–10-Design Crush

Palm Springs–11-Design Crush

The majority of time was spent lazily lounging around and in the larger of the two pools. I’m a reformed water baby and definitely lapsed during the five days spent in PS! And miracle of miracles not one of us ladies burned thanks to frequent reapplications of SPF (though I’m kind of convinced it has more to do with the Ace existing in a magical bubble in the desert). I came home yesterday with a lovely glow – sometimes a overdose of sun is just what the doctor ordered.


Palm Springs–12-Design Crush

Palm Springs–13-Design Crush

Palm Springs–14-Design Crush

The grounds were so well designed, too. Combed sand, art installations, and fruit trees abounded. (I borrowed three Meyer lemons to bring home with me!) We’re already planning to revisit next year for another girls’ retreat.


Palm Springs–15-Design Crush

The underlying reason for being in town was to attend Camp Mighty. Last year I was lucky enough to attend Mighty Summit, and the instant I left northern California knew I had to get more of the invigoration I felt afterwards. Camp Mighty is an annual retreat for bloggers, Go Mighty members, online content creators, and life list enthusiasts who want to do good for themselves and others. It’s where 150 individuals gather to trade ideas, get motivated, and start projects. And it’s just the place to be if you want to make things happen.


Palm Springs–16-Design Crush

Palm Springs–17-Design Crush

Palm Springs–18-Design Crush

Palm Springs–19-Design Crush

Highlights included a space themed party (with lots of dancing by this girl), a group workshop to highlight each person’s top five goals for the coming year, inspired sessions (including keynote speaker Piper Kerman of Orange is the New Black fame), and a beautiful closing dinner. All within about 20 feet of a pool. Not too shabby!


Palm Springs–20-Design Crush

Palm Springs–21-Design Crush

Each of us wrote down our five goals for the year and taped them to a massive board. Then everyone else read the lists and hung a tag from the pin if they could help you accomplish anything. Last year I went the tough route, but after a hairy 2013 I decided to take it easy on myself this round.

My 5 Goals:
1. Find my signature cocktail. (Really, I don’t have one.)
2. Get a tattoo with my mom. (I got two with my dad several years ago.)
3. Make an anonymous donation. (Truly anonymous, as in won’t tell a soul.)
4. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch. (I’ve never done it!)
5. Organize a charitable event. (It’s already in the works, so stay tuned!)


Palm Springs–7-Design Crush

The trip turned out to be just what I needed after a very difficult start to the month. I came home exhausted, but with a renewed sense of getting my ass in gear. Are you a life list maker? Yay or nay?

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    I really really like that goal idea – I might steal it

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