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1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Even Ken and Barbie have a less than perfect life together, In the Dollhouse.
02/ A serpentine pedestrian bridge to be built in Changsha, China
03/ Tissue Animals brings tissue paper creatures to life with stop motion animation.
04/ 3,000 slats of wood form a maze/fence in Copenhagen for Trylletromler.
05/ The Kelpies tower over the Forth & Clyde canal in Falkirk, Scotland.
06/ Would you take a spin on the Swing at the End of the World?
07/ An entire alphabet on the wings of butterflies!
08/ Into the Mirror is a fashion shoot with an extra artsy twist.
09/ There are several way to help the typhoon victims in the Philippines, pick one and do it.
10/ Drinking your tea is lame, try inhaling it at The Breathable Tea Room.

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