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I feel like I say this every month, but how in the world is it the end of November already?! (Aside from the Earth continuing to rotate on its axis I mean.) I rung in my 34th birthday on the 4th with plenty of flowers and cake. And beers. It only took me 5+ years, but I finally had the pilot light in my fireplace lit. I’ve been using it for a few hours every few days and I’m kicking myself for taking so long! The fluffiest pumpkin spice pancakes happened, as did a new and much needed pair of Warby Parker glasses. I decorated a little for Thanksgiving with pumpkins, foliage, and a strand of edison bulbs. And then a few days later I put up the tree because I had an itch and scratched it. (And because when you’re 34 you can do whatever you want!) The weather has been unseasonable cold, which means the dogs have already been wearing their sweaters. One of them does not appreciate my mothering, obviously. Speaking of animals, my menagerie as expanded by one! Meet Rainey, the last of the kittens I fostered after the Moore tornadoes in May. (I’m well on track to being a Crazy Animal Lady by 35.) I managed to write out my holiday cards and get them in the mail the day before Thanksgiving, a first. This French Apple Cake with homemade caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream is my new go-to. Trust me on this one and make it immediately. We had some sleet, snow, and freezing rain last weekend, and I love any reason to pull out my Sorels! So warm and cozy. I also made some Apple Dumplings that didn’t last long after coming out of the oven. So now we’re in the homestretch of 2013, can you believe it? Let’s make December count.

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