Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Ridiculously photorealist paintings of women laying in nature by Yigal Ozeri.
02/ The secret vocabulary of New York City’s bartenders.
03/ Giant suspended nets installations by Janet Echelman look like jellyfish in the sky!
04/ Photographer Nicholas Buer captures the mysterious beauty of the universe.
05/ This photo of an L.A. sunrise is actually a collage of sixty images!
06/ Download this Oscar ballot, or this Oscar ballot, or this Oscar ballot for Sunday.
07/ Desert Breath is a monumental pieces of land art in the Sahara.
08/ Ten things you need to know if you’re dating a designer.
09/ Finland is reportedly testing a spraypaint to increase the nighttime visibility of caribou.
10/ Honeybees covers porcelain figurines in honeycombs in Honeybee Alterations.

This week on Design Crush:
These moody landscapes by Robert Roth give me feelings.
Copenhagen by Vifa is your next favorite speaker.
It’s Design Crush + Chirps & Cheers teaming up for their REAL PEOPLE series kickoff!
Crushing on these watercolors by Lourdes Sanchez.
This time of year I’m dreaming of bright blooms and posies.
Mark Horst‘s in progress paintings look finished to me.
Pretty geometric textiles from A Sunny Afternoon – perfect for a picnic!
Pigment heavy canvases from the hand of Lisa Madigan.
The much anticipated Creative Block – let’s break down what get’s us through.
How is this Insta February over already?!


Insta February


Bebe was ridiculously cute, as always.

It was unseasonably cold (like everywhere), and I took full advantage of my puffer coat.
I received the best valentine from my friend, artist Rebecca Rothfus.
I’m two months into my #365quotes project and haven’t missed one yet!
I found out I love blush colored roses.
I ate waaay too much sugar, specifically grocery store cupcakes.
And these macarons from Dana’s Bakery.
Peanut spent most of the month cuddled up to a fuzzy blanket on my bed.
I made bread for the first time ever! And it was so good.
My mom gave me this sweet little salt cellar.
Rainey is 11 months old now, and a super affectionate little kitty.
Piper’s been restless for warm weather and more outside time.
I’m so excited that spring is just around the corner.


Creative Block



I’ve been waiting over a year to lay hands on this book! Creative Block is the brainchild of my friend Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator. Between the covers Danielle taps into the minds of fifty successful artists and elicits advice and exercises for overcoming all manners of artistic impediment, that thing you probably know better as creative block. Of course the pages are also brimming with the artists’ resulting work. My plan of action is to read about one artist a week in the hopes that it keeps my creative mind fresh and ready to tackle anything!






Lisa Madigan

Lisa Madigan-1-Design Crush


Lisa Madigan‘s paintings are many things. Bold and soft, evocative, fluid. For me there’s just something so raw about such saturated pigments on canvas that draws me in. Lisa’s color palettes also have me longing to get out my own canvas and paints asap.


Lisa Madigan-2-Design Crush


Lisa Madigan-3-Design Crush


A Sunny Afternoon



If these textiles from A Sunny Afternoon don’t make you want to pack up a picnic basket and eat al fresco, well, nothing will. I’m going ape for the bright, abstract napkins and dish towels that have me mentally rummaging through my belongings for a big, bright blanket to set up on. (There’s even a beautiful picnic basket if you need more inspiration!)





Mark Horst

Mark Horst-1-Design Crush


Mark Horst says that he paints as he sees, which is why his pieces are always incomplete and in process. If you look at his portfolio, you’ll also notice that he creates the same subject over and over with small changes. I get the feeling that he’s trying to know and understand his subject matter with each pass.


Mark Horst-2-Design Crush


Mark Horst-3-Design Crush


Blooms + Posies


Clockwise: Haley Sheffield // Bringing Nature Home // Kari Herer Photography // Fieldwork Flowers // Marija Mandic

This time of year brightly colored flowers are like tinfoil and I’m like a magpie, the more the merrier! I love having weekly blooms in my home, but when I don’t get around to it my Blooms + Posies board on Pinterest provides plenty of eye candy. I’ve been spending lots of time daydreaming about landscaping and flowerbeds while I peruse – only 22 days until spring!


Design Crush + Chirps & Cheers


I’m excited to share that I’m teaming up with one of my favorite Oklahoma City shops! Come to Chirps & Cheers Saturday, March 8th at 2pm as we kick off their REAL PEOPLE series. The premise behind it all is that in today’s internet-addled world it’s easy to know people without really knowing them. I’ll be talking about how Design Crush got started, sharing some secrets, and answering your questions. It’s free to attend and no doubt the socializing will be top-notch. So if you’re in the OKC area please stop by, I’d love to meet you!


Copenhagen by Vifa

Copenhagen by Vifa-1-Design Crush


Copenhagen by Vifa is equal parts retro and modern. That color palette, that Kvadrat fabric, all of it comes together to make a completely appealing audio solution with obvious Nordic influences. Even the volume buttons are embroidered! My hands are also throwing themselves together for the smart Copenhagen visual campaign. Available in six colors, if this well-designed audio equipment sounds hand as good as it looks you can sign me up.


Copenhagen by Vifa-2-Design Crush


Copenhagen by Vifa-3-Design Crush

(via plastolux)