Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

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9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Sculpture achieved through the build up of foam in Schauminsel.
02/ If I Had Known My Mother Back Then puts a daughter in her mother’s childhood photos.
03/ A giant birdsnest in which to relax and find new ideas, four your home naturally.
04/ Crazy hyperrealistic cat latte foam art!
05/ Visit Belgium and check out all five EYE locations that give you a view of the city.
06/ Fonts in the form of candy, thanks to EAT ME.
07/ Dangerous Popsicles are shaped like cacti and deadly pathogens.
08/ bottleLoft frees up valuable fridge space by magnetically elevating glass bottled beverages.
09/ Lichtgrenze rebuilds the Berlin wall in a display of 8,o00 glowing orbs.
10/ Live art, all thanks to ants.

This week on Design Crush:
Inky blue teapot art from Na Kim, perfect for the season.
Pretty bone china ring necklaces make up the Hula collection.
Dreamy, melancholy paintings by Kristen Vestgard.
Jack of all trades Molly M Designs create a little of everything.
Lovely traditional-meets-modern quilts by Lindsay Stead.
Heirloom quality table dressing suites from Huddleson Linens.
Neon candy-hued geometric art by Jennifer Sanchez.
Crushing on all of The Sleep Shop‘s feminine pajamas.
Angelo Monterat creates with smoke from birthday candles!

Design Crush elsewhere:
Quirky, whimsical illustrations from Depeapa.


Angelo Monserat

Angelo Monserat-1-Design Crush


The flame of a birthday candle becomes an art supply when used as a paintbrush by Angelo Monserat. Crazy and amazing when you consider what a destructive and uncontrollable element fire can be. Monserat’s abstract repetitive works display such patience and control, resulting in very delicate outcomes that must be handled with kid gloves or risk being smudged and ruined.


Angelo Monserat-2-Design Crush


Angelo Monserat-3-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


The Sleep Shirt

The Sleep Shirt-1-Design Crush


Take a look at these dreamy pajamas from Swedish-Candian The Sleep Shirt. They’re more than a step up from sweatpants and ratty old t-shirts with luxe Japanese cotton and and traditional 19th century shapes and cuts. And because many pieces from The Sleep Shirt are unisex, you can feel good buying something for your significant other and sneaking it into your drawer.


The Sleep Shirt-2-Design Crush


The Sleep Shirt-3-Design Crush


The Sleep Shirt-4-Design Crush


The Sleep Shirt-5-Design Crush


Photos: Jennilee Marigomen


Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez-1-Design Crush


There’s a lot to love about the work of Jennifer Sanchez. Juicy neon colors, bold use of pattern, and creative textures to name a few. You can purchase NY14#19 – the second piece from the top – in The Marketplace if your walls are asking for a punch of awesome art!


Jennifer Sanchez-2-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez-3-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez-4-Design Crush


Jennifer Sanchez-5-Design Crush


Huddleson Linens

Huddleson-1-Design Crush


While searching for a few things to get my Thanksgiving table ready for next month – the first ever held at my house! – I tripped across Huddleson Linens. Our busy lives make it easy to forget how important it can be to take the time to have a nice meal while sitting at the table instead of in front of the television (or laptop). Huddleson marries pure linens from Italy with modern designs to bring things into the 21st century with their suites of tablecloths, runners, placemats, and napkins. These are definitely heirloom quality pieces that are sure to last a lifetime and beyond.


Huddleson-2-Design Crush


Huddleson-3-Design Crush


Huddleson-4-Design Crush


Lindsay Stead

Lindsay Stead-1-Design Crush


Modern heirloom quilts are a beautiful thing. I love that such an age old tradition has been taken by the reins and flipped on its head to create something fresh that stays true to technique. These quilts by Lindsay Stead fit the bill exactly with their geometric designs and thoughtful color palettes. Each time consuming quilt is handmade in her Toronto studio as what can only be described as a time-intensive labor of love. Make one of Lindsay’s quilts or pillows (equally lovely) your own by visiting her shop.


Lindsay Stead-2-Design Crush


Lindsay Stead-3-Design Crush


Lindsay Stead-4-Design Crush

(via Anthologie)


Molly M Designs

Molly M Designs-1-Design Crush


“They” say that you can’t do everything well, that you should find your specialty and hone in on it. Practice and practice until it’s perfect. And then you come across someone like Molly McGrath and you realize “they” couldn’t have been more wrong. McGrath is one of those people who can most easily be categorized as a designer, but whose abilities go much deeper. As the talent behind Molly M Designs, McGrath creates jewelry (15 collections thus far), homewares (coasters, trivets, prints, one of a kinds), and pouches. Just goes to show, sometimes a broad spectrum can be a very good thing.


Molly M Designs-2-Design Crush


Molly M Designs-3-Design Crush


Molly M Designs-4-Design Crush


Molly M Designs-5-Design Crush

Gold Lustig Necklace // Hadijah 2 Necklace // Geometrics Coasters // Atlas // Pouch 11


Kristin Vestgard

Kristin Vestgard-1-Design Crush


Perfectly melancholy, the paintings of Norwegian artist Kristin Vestgard seem made especially for October. Full of magic, dreams, and contemplation, Vestgard’s work always seems to be part of a story that’s never quite spelled out. And I always have a special sort of admiration for art that leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination.


Kristin Vestgard-2-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard-3-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard-4-Design Crush


Kristin Vestgard-5-Design Crush




Hula-1-Design Crush


The Hula line by Reiko Kaneko is killing me. Softly. Each ring pendants is crafted from fine bone china then accented with gold or platinum (or kept naked) and suspended from a gold or silver chain. Each style is available in both single and double rings, and all are pleasantly affordable.


Hula-2-Design Crush


Hula-3-Design Crush


Hula-4-Design Crush


Hula-5-Design Crush


Na Kim

Na Kim-1-Design Crush

As I write this I’m sitting with a cup of hot tea and a sore throat, so these teapots by Na Kim seem especially appropriate to share. Brooklyn-based Na Kim has a seriously impressive and wide-spanning portfolio that demands a few minutes of your time and includes these moody blue beauties.


Na Kim-2-Design Crush

Na Kim-3-Design Crush

Na Kim-4-Design Crush