Nina Torr

Nina Torr-1-Design Crush


Nina Torr (aka Andy Wyeth) is a Pretoria-based illustrator with a penchant for animals in the wild and the beauty of the human hand. She captures both with exquisite flair and personality, sometimes together. (Nina’s love of skeletons is also beautifully represented.)


Nina Torr-2-Design Crush

Nina Torr-3-Design Crush

Nina Torr-4-Design Crush

Nina Torr-5-Design Crush

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  • Mia Z

    January 8, 2015 at 10:03 am Reply

    Thank you for posting this. Tender lines. I contacted the artist and hope to purchase a print. So impulsive, I know, but you keep enlightening me with the work of these wonderful artists. Happy New Year!

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