5 Favorite Food Blogs of the Moment

Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year (whomp whomp), food porn has become even more prevalent in my carb-counting lifestyle. Thankfully there are not only plenty of ways to adapt recipes (zucchini noodles and mashed cauliflower have become my favorites), there are also plenty of sites that create beautifully developed recipes that are photographed so well I can almost taste them through the screen of my laptop. Here are five that make my tastebuds daydream.




Hipsterfood is a vegan site run by couple Cara and Bob. Their ironically named site is full of sometimes healthy, sometimes decadent recipes that are made from “95% cheap, easy-to-find food, and 5% sort-of-pricey, specialty food.” I love how realistic and unpretentious these two are and look forward to the day when they write a cookbook.

Recent Favorites: Four Dollar Pho, Lemon-Blueberry Pudding Cake, Comforting Spiced White Bean Orichiette Stew




Butterlust is the work of the witty and intelligent Katie, who runs her site kind of like a test kitchen. If something goes wrong you’ll know it because she’ll tell you, just like how she sometimes uses cake mix and is super messy in the kitchen. Honesty is always refreshing.

Recent Favorites: Coconut Gingeroons with White Chocolate Drizzle, Strawberry + Marzipan Hand Pies, Cranberry, Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Cinnamon Rolls




Lady and Pups is a self-proclaimed “angry food blog” of one woman and her move to Beijing three years ago. You see, she kind of hates it so she’s turning all of that frustration and angst into lovely meals. I’m totally down with that – some of the best creativity is born from situations we can’t control.

Recent Favorites: Bacon Cracklin’ Pancake with Salted Honey, Cold and Warm Salmon Scrambled Eggs Rolls, Carrot Gingerbread Cake with Cardamom Frosting + Ginger Fries




Seasons & Suppers is Jennifer’s cooking diary as she makes her way through the seasons Ontario, Canada. Seasonal and healthy, hearty and comforting, occasionally decadent recipes fill each post with a focus on taking advantage of what’s fresh and at its best.

Recent Favorites: Meyer Lemon Risotto with Arugula and Shiitakes, 15 Minute Spicy Udon and Vegetable Stir Fry, Baby Blueberry Beignets




My Name is Yeh follows the hilarious Molly through her adventurous in food and life. Most recipes are inspired by her Jewish and Asian roots, and now that she’s moved from Brooklyn to a farm in North Dakota there’s a bit of that as well. It seems she’s always on a adventure.

Recent Favorites: Shakshuka Pizza, Breakfast Hasselback Sweet Potatoes, Rich Little Brownies with Matcha Glaze

  • Annie Tucker

    February 25, 2015 at 5:02 pm Reply

    Couldn’t agree more! Lady and Pups is unlike any other site!

    Butterlust and My Name is Yeh have totally been on my radar recently! Molly Yeh has been killing it!

    Looking forward to looking through seasons and suppers and hipster food!

    -Annie, a fellow Okie native

  • Lila

    February 25, 2015 at 9:15 pm Reply

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Just recently gotten into cooking and loving it.

  • Ashlae

    March 1, 2015 at 5:59 pm Reply

    Just fell in love with Butterlust. Can’t eat a thing on her site but daaaaang those photos are pretty.

    • Kelly

      March 1, 2015 at 6:05 pm Reply

      I can’t either, but I love drooling over the photos 🙂

  • Rashi

    March 9, 2015 at 2:31 pm Reply

    Brilliant collection! Loved the COCONUT GINGEROONS WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE recipe on Butterlust
    and THIN AND CHEWY DATES AND RUM COOKIES on ladyandpups! I love baking!!

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