Karen Margolis

Karen Margolis-1-Design Crush


Karen Margolis combines two unexpected facets to create her art – architectural renderings of the mind’s operations and plotted patterns of color. The result is fascinatingly beautiful.

Curious about what thoughts and emotions might look like inside the brain, I translate my interior monologues into molecular patterns of color. Plot out extemporaneously, accumulations of dots mark the transformations of feelings through changes in color. I also sew on discs of paper and attach map fragments to reflect external distractions. These mind maps function to chronicle the behavior of chemical interactions in the brain for the duration of various “states of mind”, offering a glimpse into the formal arrangement of emotions.


Karen Margolis-2-Design Crush

Karen Margolis-3-Design Crush

Karen Margolis-4-Design Crush

Karen Margolis-5-Design Crush

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  • Ingrid Devleminck

    October 19, 2018 at 10:11 am Reply

    Beautiful work

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