I’d Rather Be In One of These Bath Tubs

Inga Powilleit-Design Crush

Inga Powilleit via Desire to Inspire

I’ve never been much of a bath person with the exception of when I’m sick. In fact I can remember being so excited to transition to taking a shower as a kid, like it marked some right of passage. The tub in my current home isn’t anything to write home about and is honestly kind of awful when draining, so the only thing that gets me amped up about the possibility of a bath is some some tub porn. It still amazes me when a standard household fixture can be turned into such elegance and luxury. Personally I think the key to a good experience must be a tub with high sides – the holy grail of baths!


Virginia Rollison : Lonny-Design Crush

Virginia Rollison via Lonny


Rogerseller-Design Crush

Rogerseller via flodeau


Vipp-Design Crush

Vipp via Home Adore


marcia prentice-Design Crush

Marcia Prentice via coco + kelley


Nik Epifanidis-Design Crush

Nik Epifanidis via The Design Files

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