Write It All Down

January and February always leave me scrambling to write down all of the ideas and plans running rampant in my head for the coming year. Not in my phone or in an email draft, but by actually putting pen to paper. Making these thoughts tangible seems to make them more attainable, and I’m not about to mess with that kind of magic!



ROW 1: Apica Notebooks // Backpack Notebook Set    ROW 2: Cortazar Journal // Hay Spine Clipboard // Keep Ya Head Up Notebook    ROW 3: Letter Notebook // Livro Notebook // Mystic Dye Notebook    ROW 4: Pale Blue Notebook Collection // Tab Notebooks // The Holi

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  • Claire scott

    February 9, 2016 at 10:46 pm Reply

    I love all of these! I too feel the need to write things/ plans/ ideas/ thoughts of all kinds down on tangible paper. I’m obsessed with journaling and keeping my thoughts accessible like that.

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