Suitcases + Bags Plus 9 Packing Tips


Hamilton Perkins

Well hello there November, and hello craziest traveling time of the year! Now’s the time to access your travel gear – before the day of your flight – because there some great deals out there this month. Maybe you’re someone who wheels their bag or maybe you’re the hold it by the handles type, either way we have a carry-on that’s right up your alley!

And just for good measure, 9 fast tips for packing like a pro.
1. Wear your biggest pieces (i.e. coat, sweater, boots) on the flight.
2. Plan out your outfits so you don’t overpack.
3. Roll your clothing rather than fold it to avoid creases and save space.
4. Tuck socks and other small things into your shoes.
5. Place shoes in shoe bags or plastic bags to keep your clothing clean.
6. Pack an extra plastic bag (or the like) to stash dirty socks and underthings.
7. Add a dryer sheet or two to your packed bag to keep everything smelling fresh.
8. Place liquid toiletries in individual snack-sized baggies to avoid a mess if they spill.
9. If you’re staying somewhere unfamiliar pack a travel sized favorite candle for a familiar scent.



Arlo Skye // Angie Round Weekender // Astyll Carry-On



The Bigger Carry-On // Benton Duffle Bag // The A22 Carry



Chebeague Island Duffle // Ultralight Cabin Multiwheel // Lacie Oversized Vegan Weekender



The Catalina Canvas Weekender // The Premium Leather-Base Weekender // Clear Trunk

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