While I don’t expect the world and all of its issues to change because we flipped a calendar page, I am hopeful for a fresh start. Last year was a huge rollercoaster for many, and even though much of that will carry over it feels like there’s a bit less baggage in acknowledging a new year.

I stopped doing resolutions several years ago and instead do intentions. The word itself is much less intimidating and I’ve found I’m more likely to last past January 2nd with this mindset. I managed to make headway with two out of three 2016 intentions, which isn’t half bad in my estimation.

This go around I’m only focusing on one – pushing out of my comfort zone. This could be taken any number of ways, but what I’m hoping for is growth in both my life and my business. Saying yes but not being afraid to say no. Turning my weaknesses into strengths. There is great growth in discomfort and I can’t wait to dig in and get dirty.

So here’s to a happy and healthy 2017. Let’s be our best selves.

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  • Ruby Josephine

    January 2, 2017 at 11:58 am Reply

    I am so with you- intentions have a much more powerful feel than resolutions and definitely last longer. I love yours for this year. Getting out of ones comfort zone can be intimidating, but it’s so rewarding and usually full of the best surprises. Best of luck & happy new year!! xo

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