Let’s Talk Concrete Floors

Kailey J. Flynn

If I lived in a warmer climate I’d have concrete flooring in my home, no questions asked. Not only is it easy to clean, it can also be customized in any number of ways. Stenciled, stamped, polished, acid stained, dyed, painted, and more. These days the material is┬ábeing appreciated for the raw beauty it can bring to a space, rather than relegated to warehouses and big box stores. The different textures and variations available make concrete feel anything but cold, making it a great fit for modern styles and more.


My Domaine


A Pair & A Spare


Nicoline Olsen


Hertha Hurnaus Photography


Brooke Holm




Barbara Hill Design


Vogue Living


Dustjacket Attic

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  • Denise G

    August 29, 2019 at 7:19 pm Reply

    Tell me more! I see pictures of gorgeous floors (here), but am unsure how to achieve the various looks. Our entire house is concrete. I thought we’d do acid staining but although there’s some awesome color choices in products I looked at, the colors are too dark for our earth sheltered dwelling! I think we will stick with just polishing up the grey that is poured?

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