Aki Inomata


Aki Inomata‘s girl, girl, girl… seems especially fitting as I found a rogue caterpillar sitting outside my bedroom door when I woke up one day last week. Inomata spent two years raising bagworms in order to give them pieces of material to use as their protective cases. It ended up being a kind of commentary on women’s fashion as well as womanhood in general.

Male bagworms leave their protective cases when they become adults, and become moths. However female bagworms remain in their protective cases for their whole lives and wait for the male bagworms. This reminded me of my own experience of being approached by hundreds of men, whilst the few men that I was interested in often didn’t even glance at me. Though the gender issue is meant to have changed in our generation, why is it that women still make much more effort than men concerning their appearances?






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