Mya Kerner


The world around us is forever changing, sometimes on its own and more often than not by human hands. Mya Kerner creates to capture these fleeting moments of vulnerability and balance.

My studies in permaculture revealed a new way of perception. I notice geological disruptions, moments and parts within the landscape; together, these notes present a segmented image of the whole. When I look out to the mountains, I see scratched lines breaking through the slopes, while flecks of white dapple on eroded surfaces, recalling cooler seasons. Light moves across planes, marking time with stretched and shortened shadows and form denotes the flow of water through rocky slopes. I record by drawing and writing in attempt to capture these moments of vulnerability, leaving the rest in the haze of lost memories. My concern for humanity’s precarious relationship with nature drives my exploration of the intricacies of terrain and the potential for balance through my material studies. 








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