A Resurgence of Embroidery


Katerina Marchenko

The Russian textile designer hand-stitches nature-inspired designs onto tulle fabric, creating the most mesmerizing floating illusions. Some of Marchenko’s embroidery designs are embellished with sequins, beads, and metallic thread. Once each design is complete the embroidery hoop is removed and she incorporates her work into handmade garments.



Sol Kesseler

Argentinian embroidery artist Sol Kesseler (AKA Bugambilo) creates detailed portraits with some impressive stitching. Usually starting from pencil drawings, she uses black thread to outline and create high contrast portraits. Textured details are added with varying weights of thread and a wide variety of stitches.



Olga Prinku

Though not creating embroidery per se, Olga Prinku is a UK-based maker using embroidery hoops to create art from wool, flowers, and other bits and pieces of her life. Dried flowers play a prominent role on her art, being woven into nearly every material and form that can handle them.



Krista Decor

Russian embroidery artist Krista Decor also hand-stitches her designs onto tulle. She learned how to make what she refers to as “real haute couture embroidery” using tulle during an internship at a fashion-house in Russia. Nature-inspired designs with flowers, leaves, and birds are her primary motifs. Krista mostly uses cotton and wool embroidery threads of various thicknesses and textures, but she also embellishes her work with silk ribbon, beads, pearls, and natural stones.



Tessa Perlow

One of my favorites, Tessa Perlow mainly embroiders on clothing. I’d love to add a piece of hers to my closet, but she sells out rather quickly. The hoops she does create are thoughtful and and full of color and texture.

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