Alessandra Genualdo


I’m having a moment with the work of Italian-born, London-based painter and illustrator Alessandra Genualdo. Each piece feels so very melancholy and introspective, even when filled with bright saturated colors. As you’ve probably noticed by now the time of year drastically affects the kind of art I’m drawn to, and Alessandra’s work feels perfectly suited to how I spend Januarys.

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Polly Fern


Illustrator and ceramicist Polly Fern creates whimsical art that could have been made today or one hundred years ago, it’s that timeless. Domestic everyday scenes, city architecture, and portraits adorn ceramic pieces she’s crafted and prints ready and waiting for your walls. Then there are the brooches, the cards, and the holiday ornaments but you should probably just check out her shop for yourself!

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DOOOM is a mysterious illustrator based out of the U.K., anonymously creating some truly incredible tattoo flash-inspired art. I love how simple yet unique each and every piece is.









Carine Brancowitz


This time of year can make each of us feel like we’re performing in our own respective juggling acts. Sometimes something as simple as being reminded to slow down and notice the little things can take some of the weight off, that’s what Carine Brancowitz‘s illustrations are doing for me right now. She flip-flops back and forth between unexpected color palettes and black and white, occasionally intermingling the two.

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Clover Robin


Illustrator Clover Robin clearly finds delight in all things botanical, a gal after my own heart. At first glance her work left me wondering whether it was drawn or collaged, and you know how I love it when I’m fooled by mediums! My walls are practically begging for a piece of her work to be hung upon them sometime soon.

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Daniela Gallego


Daniela Gallego is a Columbian illustrator with a wonderfully introspective, whimsical style. The washed out tones she favors convey all of those emotions even more deeply. Each piece makes me smile and immediately slip into the mindset of her subjects.







Happy Thanksgiving

Tallulah Fontaine via Front + Main

I’m taking a moment out of today’s craziness to wish everyone celebrating Thanksgiving a good one. I hope you’re stuffing yourself silly, reflecting on what it means to be thankful, and surrounded by the most important people in your life. Among so many other things I’m thankful for each and every one of you who stop by Design Crush and support me on this wild and crazy ride. Love to you and yours!


Esthera Preda


Canadian illustrator Esthera “Estée'” Preda is kind enough to welcome us into an incredible world of her creation. Where rabbits have human faces, flowers grow out of the tops of heads, and rabbits are bipedal and ride around on skateboards.

As a child, she was read Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm fairy tales every night by her mother who escaped the iron curtain. She lived across the hall from her grand-mother who was prone to night terrors. Although, she had wonderful parents, one of her favorite pastimes was to pretend that she was an orphan so she could build, with her brothers and sister, multi-level cardboard houses in the summer and igloo villages in the winter. The world that her art exists in lies somewhere between those ephemeral seasons, night terrors and folk tales.

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