This is me at work today. (Except more brunette, bustier and wearing jeans.) Those birds are my clients and the projects that are all of a sudden flocking back after weeks out. All at once. Can you see how awesome it is?

:: photo via ffffound


My Clients.

This is how they’re making me feel today. Yeah, I’m the chick on the ground being choked with that lady’s leg. Grrr. At least I have a cool bustier bodysuit on.

:: image via ffffound


HD in 3D.

HD is Hester Designs, the design shop where I work. And 3D is our holiday card this year which extends to a specially designed 3D web site. No worries, if you don’t own 3D glasses you can request a pair from the site and we’ll send them your way. Cheers!


The Bane of My Existance.

Unfortunately, my computer-related life has been hell this week. Monday we got brand spankin’ new 17″ MacBook Pros at work. Woohoo! However, since the arrival of mine I’ve been consumed with reinstalling, updating, etc. and now I have to reinstall the entire system because of some glitches. So this is just a quick update to get rid of my Blogger’s Withdrawal before being completely incapacitated for another day and a half. Here’s a picture of the little bastard and my new 20″ monitor as well, which has been nothing short of a widescreen joy.


Movin’ On Up.

Today is moving day at the office. We’re smack dab in the middle of some renovations, upgrades, decorating, etc. Which also means that as of today I am on the same floor as all the other designers. Since I started here three months ago, I’ve seriously been on a completely different level than everyone else (and I’m not speaking metaphorically). So now I’m a part of the Cool Crowd and sharing an office with my fantastic co-worker, Chris. Luckily we have a lot of the same taste in music, and since I’m constantly on the prowl for new ear candy it will be a huge bonus. There are a lot of cool projects in the making here, so there will most definitely be more posts and pictures to follow.