Happy Weekend.

+ If you’re so inclined, you can check out some of my favorites over on Simple Lovely. Thanks for having me, Joslyn!

+ Sometimes we need to stop. Take a minute. And be grateful in the midst of everything. This might help.

+ I’m dying to fill in this blank pop-up book with all sorts of crazy doodles!

+ Wondering if I could pull off a beehive hairdo.

+ Kate Miss is teaching a jewelry class!

+ Love the idea of a guest book poster.

+ Very cool bookplates to mark your literary territory.

+ Test your color IQ! I scored a 9.

Happy Weekend!

Stop by the site Monday for a big surprise that’s been in the works for a few months!


Mod Pomme Pot.

White is my decorating weakness. I love it. Lately I’ve even been regretting having painted the walls in my house. This Mod Pomme Pot instantly caught my eye with it’s daring angles and little stem that’s actually the tiniest of serving spoons. {Check out this and a few other things I’m loving over at Shiny Squirrel.}


Blog It Forward: Inspiration.

I’m so excited that my day has finally arrived for the Blog It Forward mashup! Victoria put so much work into organizing everything and making it all just so that I hope you’re following along. In case you missed it, here’s the full schedule of posts and blog links. I did a little of this and a little of that and before I knew it I had an entire alphabet’s worth of photography before my eyes that had me ooh-ing and aah-ing. So without further ado and any attempt at witty banter, here’s my photographic index of inspiration.

{Space Potato}
Breakfast for Dinner.
{gut buster}
{via ffffound, no trackback source}
{the wee pixie}
Glove Models.
Jewel Tones.
{Sean Tubridy}
Mid-Century Modern.
Paint Chips.
Road Trips.
Vegging Out.
{Ellie Niemeyer}
{via ffffound, no trackback source}
Catching some ZZZs.
{Vogue Korea}

Happy Weekend.

Only one post today because I’m feeling under the weather with a sore throat and achy ears. I’m hoping to crawl into bed for some R&R sooner than later, but here are a few tidbits to help get you through the weekend! Psst… don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the evie s. giveaway!

+ Mrs. Lilien has started a Mrs. horoscope series, pop over to check out Mrs. Aquarius

+ We need to bring pothole gardens to the US!

+ A pretty printable Save the Date postcard for you to enjoy

+ The sweetest gifts barely cost a thing

+ Better late than never, my Valentine’s Day gift list for the Shiny Squirrel!

+ Ate all of your Girl Scout Cookies already? Why not whip up a few batch of these Samoa Bars and Tagalongs!

Happy Weekend!


Happy {Valentine’s Day} Weekend.

+ A pretty Valentine’s Day garland using ready-made materials

+ Grrrrrrreat pirate valentines (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

+ My GreatFull guest post (RE: snow)

+ I made this chicken chili for the Super Bowl and whoa (It’s even better the next day!)

+ With Alice in Wonderland on the horizon, why not make your own Cheshire Cat?

+ Loads of lovely + free Valentine ephemera

+ Printable conversation candy bar wrappers

PS: You have until Monday morning at 9am CST to enter The Storyboard Book giveaway!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Weekend!


Blog It Forward.

I’m really looking forward to joining in on the Blog It Forward mashup that Victoria of sfgirlbybay dreamed up over the weekend! Here’s the nitty gritty details of it all…

• If you’re interested in joining the chain, email Victoria via her blog.

• We’re going to share a connected stream of blogger posts on ‘what inspires us the most’ on our individual blogs, but link back and forward to the other blogs participating, a bit like a chain letter (but, hopefully a lot less annoying!).

• Ez from creature comforts has graciously created this lovely badge to add to your blog if you are participating.

• Feel free to repost this on your own blog and tweet about it, then link back to this sfgirlbybay.com post URL or a link to Victoria’s email info, so people can get the details, how to participate, the theme, and how to contact her. We’re giving everyone a due date to sign-up via an email to Victoria by end of this week, Friday, February 5th.

• Victoria will then make a list of bloggers who want to participate (perhaps alphabetically) and post it on Monday, February 8th, and everyone will see when their post is due, and the order of the mashup. Then we will post one day at a time, starting with hers and moving on to the next blog, and then the next — you get the idea.

• Victoria will post the first mashup on Wednesday, February 10th and from there link to the next blog and that blogger will post on Thursday, February 11th. Then she’ll link back to Victoria and then to the next blog on the list who will post on Friday, February 12th and link back to her (we’ll skip weekends since they are slow) and so on and so forth.

• Again, if interested in joining in, drop Victoria an email and she’ll send you detailed instructions. So, are you in or are you out?

[*image via vivienne strauss]