Alt Summit (Cont.).

Day 2, 10:45 am MWT

Alt is turning out even better than I imagined, if that’s even possible

The early bird panel yesterday – How to Find the Best Design Sites – with Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely, Allison Czarnecki of Petit Elefant, Jaime Derringer of Design Milk and Karey Mackin of Mackin Ink was wonderful. And hanging out with all of these women (and a few guys, too!) that are my own personal design crushes has been nothing short of empowering.

This morning I had my own moment of celebrity awe while listening to the keynote breakfast – Why Design? – with Heather Armstrong of Dooce, Jean Aw of NotCot, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy. I even got to sit about 2.5 feet away from Heather’s husband, the infamous Jon.

My own panel – Designer vs. Design Blogger – was during the first breakout session. I got to speak with an amazing group of women, too. Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, Jaime Derringer of Design Milk and Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel. It was thrilling to hear about how the others balance their lives and how design impacts both areas of their lives. And as a surprise to even myself, I wasn’t even a bit nervous.

Next I’ll be hitting up Build Your Brand and Your Business with Emily Goligoski of The SanFranista, Victoria Smith of SFGirlbyBay, Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl and Sarah Jane Wright of Sarah Jane Designs to hear about how they started out and turned a nothing business into a big something. After that is the Keynote Lunch with artists Erik Natzke and DJ Earworm. Then the last breakout session (I’m still undecided), the closing session and the Blurb Meetup and Happy Hour. Whew.

They have us running non-stop, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. If you weren’t able to make it out to Salt Lake City this year plan on signing up for Alt 2011 for sure!


Salt Lake City : Alt Summit.

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Day 1, 10:35 am MWT

I must really, really love design because I’ve been up since 3:45 this morning. My journey to Alt began in Oklahoma City at 6:30 and after a swift connection in Denver, I arrived in beautiful Salt Lake City around 10:30.

As I wait in the SLC airport’s Starbucks for Greedy Girl to arrive (the silly thing booked a different connecting flight out of Denver than me) I’ve made a few observations:

  • There’s an oddly disproportionate number of attractive people here.
  • This is the best music I’ve ever heard played at an airport Starbucks, and I’ve been to my share. It sounds like they’re sharing my iTunes.
  • I haven’t seen any celebrities making their way to Sundance. Yet. But I have seen a few too many people trying too hard to look like a celebrity.
  • I should have packed more shoes. I forgot the ones I wanted to wear Saturday night.

So as you can see, so far so good! After checking into the hotel I’m off to the early bird lecture, How to Find the Best Design Sites. Then tonight it’s off to Speed Networking and the Hollywood Opening Social. If you’re not already, follow me on Twitter for more updates throughout the day!


Off to the Alt Summit.

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be off on my way to the Alt Summit in cold and snowy Salt Lake City! Three days of being around fellow design bloggers and trailing after my own design crushes is in store, along with some great panels, networking and (of course) celebrity watching. (Sundance is going on right now, after all…) I swear I feel like I’m gearing up for a trip to sleepaway camp! If you’re headed to SLC as well, you can catch me speaking on the Design vs. Design Blogger panel taking place Friday morning at 9:45. If you’re not, check back here for sporadic updates of all things Alt!


Altitude Design Summit.

I’ll be there. And on one of the panels. And am I peeing my pants in anticipation of January 21-23? Absolutely.

If you love design and lifestyle and reading or writing a blog about them, then this is the place for you. Finally a chance for our community to get together. To meet in person. To exchange thoughts, ideas and dreams. Bloggers and design experts will be speaking and networking like no other. So what are you waiting for? Run over and register for the Alt Design Summit right this minute!


Happy Weekend.

Great things from the week past…

Super pretty I-can’t-believe-they’re-a-free-download holiday gift tags :: Two Brunettes

Are you using TeuxDeux, the super simple, designy, free to-do app yet? :: swissmiss

Relive your childhood mall Santa terrors with Sketchy Santas

Tear off wallpaper for that customized look :: Design-Milk

Pantone unveils Turquoise 15-5519 as color of the year for 2010!

Living In: Romeo & Juliet :: Design*Sponge

More incredible free printable wintry holiday tags for your collection :: Domestifluff

This December desktop calendar is rockin’ my screen right now :: simple blueprint

Loving the details in this chic Chicago wedding :: Style Me Pretty

Download these envelope + package wraps for your holiday mailings :: Creature Comforts

A great selection of warm + cozy throws for under $100 :: Shelterpop

Check out my personal wish list for the year! :: Shiny Squirrel

Giveaway Reminder: You have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the ivee giveaway!

Happy Weekend!


Locks of Love.

I’ve been growing my hair for the past three years with an end goal in mind. Making a donation to Locks of Love. I’ve always been that girl who grows it and cuts it, grows it and cuts it. You know her too, I’m sure.

But this time was different and as of Tuesday it became official – I was about to become 10″ shorter. Well, at least my hair was. My incredible hairstylist, Donny (at Bella Strada in Edmond, OK), has been helping me right along for the past year. No highlights or stripping because Locks of Love won’t accept it. (And one of my biggest fears was them sending it back saying “Thanks, but no thanks…”) I was also trying to straighten it less, to minimize daily wear and tear and pulling it back a lot because it was so. freaking. long. And when Donny pulled it back into that final ponytail and snipped away all I felt was relief. No regret, only joy. Joy that I was able to do something that was so easy for me that would ultimately make someone else’s life just a little bit easier. So with that, I gave away 10″ of hair, then snipped off another 1.5″ in the process of getting my hip little lob (a la Gwyneth).

I didn’t know much about Locks of Love or the natural wig industry before my little endeavor. Did you know that children suffering from long-term medical hair loss typically have to replace their wigs twice a year and that each one can cost as much as $1,500? As if having cancer isn’t hard enough. If you’re interested in learning more or making a donation of your own you can check out more here.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported and encouraged me during this process. I love that I was able to do this and can’t help but smile that it’s happening at Christmastime. (I wish the before and after photos were a little better, but you get the idea!)


Happy Weekend.

A roundup of my favorites from the past week, a few printables and a wish for a Happy Weekend! Also, a reminder that you only have until Monday at 9am CST to enter Win It: THe Paper Apartment. So hop to it!


• in my family wine is a big deal during the holidays so I’m digging this Thanksgiving Wine Guide :: Sippity Sup
• enviable Thanksgiving invitations :: Oh So Beautiful Paper
• make your own coffee stencil! :: How About Orange
• don’t have a clue what to cook up for Thanksgiving? check out 172 recipes from 9 leading food magazines :: The Bitten Word
• check out the new design look on Unruly Things!
• don’t miss a week full of apple recipes :: A Field Journal
• get your mind churning over homemade holiday gifts with these ideas :: Wiley Valentine
• take a trip over to Feather Report to see my week of outfits
• a pale and pretty fall download from Ez :: Creature Comforts
• a sweet CD template and playlist suggestions for wedding or party favors :: Benign Objects
• printable pumpkin goodies :: Love. Obsess. Inspire.
• write a note on this downloadable set of stitchy stationery :: Bread of Many
• download these ABC cards and join in on a birthday tradition :: Design*Sponge


Feathering My Wardrobe.

Pssst… this week you can find me over on Feather Report. I created a few outfits that I’d love to be able to afford and wear, so hurry on over sometime and take a gander. (And if you just happen to fall in love with Melisa’s brilliant idea while you’re visiting, there’s an app for that!)


Happy Weekend.

The past week has been a whirlwind of birthday awesomeness! Between my dad’s surprise visit to the best tres leches cake ever I’ve decided that thirty is pretty great so far. And thank you all once again for your warm birthday wishes – they really mean a lot.

Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9:00 am CST to enter for a chance to win an original painting from Lisa Romero! The odds are looking like they’re in your favor at the moment, too.

And as for all the goodness floating around this past week…
• can’t wait to try this: use a waffle iron to make cookies fast :: The Kitchn
• have you seen Ellie’s amazing Halloween invitations? :: mint
• Karey’s sweet post for my birthday *gush* :: mackin ink
• this dude drew the entire NYC skyline – from memory :: a cup of jo
• great tips on how to take product shots :: poppytalk
• classically chic Halloween themed rehearsal dinner :: Style Me Pretty

And tons of great downloads… for FREE of course!
• print out these holiday mailing labels for packages going to faraway friends :: Make, Do & Send
• everyone is sick right now! choose from two get well cards :: Vale Designs
• sweet packaging labels for bath salts + hot chocolate mix :: Blonde Designs
• the cutest candy bag favors :: Style Me Pretty
• and homemade pie tags, too :: Style Me Pretty
• cup wrappers for your next get together :: Eat Drink Chic
• pretty gift tags for your presents :: Love. Obsess. Inspire.
• not one, not two, but three November calendars for you!

Happy Weekend!


I hate to be a pain, but if you haven’t updated your feed reader or bookmark for Design Crush to yet please take five seconds and do it. For me. My birthday is in a few months and I’ll just go ahead and consider my early present from you. (Thanks so much! I absolutely love it.)