Anthony Burrill.

Book Smarts is a series of three books – The Truth About Nothing, Semi-Survival Guide to the Future and Words of Finite Wisdom – by Anthony Burrill that had me cracking up at my desk this morning. Anyone who can make me laugh that hard makes me instantly like them. I’d love to own a set of these bad boys.

UPDATE: After posting this, Anthony himself contacted me. He saw that I was a fan of the band Reindeer Section and shared a video he made for them and their song You Are My Joy. So, so good it left me a little happy/sad! Check it out here.


Susan Burghart.

Love, love, love this lady’s work. I especially like the way Susan Burghart seems to effortlessly transition between styles – one piece will be incredibly intricate and detailed, then the next piece is sparse lines and fields of carefully chosen color. Now that, my friends, takes talent.


David Pearson.

David Pearson creates some amazing book covers for Penguin. As if that’s not enough, the man actually designed the book cover for Penguin By Design – a book all about the history of the company’s books.

I’m loving the consistancy of the Great Loves series he designed. Check out the spines! All of his work is like that – extreme attention to details that make the whole that much more interesting.