Alëna Olasyuk


Ukranian-born, Beijing-dwelling artist Alëna Olasyuk works in a variety of mediums, but these textural illustrations are what stand out to me most. Would you have even thought some of them weren’t weavings?! Throughout her portfolio Alëna explores complexity and simplicity, chaos and balance, movement and tranquillity, transiency and infinity – the idea of the world’s duality.







Virginie Morgand


I don’t always gravitate towards bright primary colors, but the illustrations of French artist Virginie Morgand have me doing about-face. A good amount of her portfolio revolves around the pool and beach – whether it’s synchronized swimmers, sunbathers, or surfers – and matches that end of summer vibe perfectly.







Noel Badges Pugh


Noel Badges Pugh uses watercolors and India ink to create botanical illustrations as well as artwork with a more psychedelic perspective. Inspired by nature and the sensation of dreaming, Pugh creates with an appreciation for the details. Afterwards he often takes photos of his works with the real life botanicals to display scale as well as skill.





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Daniel Segrove


San Francisco-based artist Daniel Segrove uses a number of different mediums to create. His illustrations remind me what the freedom to create anything feels like, deep down. Of watching the best student in class and wondering how they just knew what element to put where. And of how half the beauty in creating is taking risks.








Lianne Nixon


Lianne Nixon is an illustrator based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I love the flat feeling of the various interiors she creates, and how most of the rooms include at least one piece of mid-century modern furniture. Lianne’s illustrations could easily feel empty, but the super saturated bursts of color she uses makes them anything but.

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Print Edition: August 17

Crashing Waves by Kym Fulmer


And So It Begins by The Novogratz


The Lungs by Lyon Road Art


Summertime Travel Skateboard by Telegramme Paper Co.


Into the Mystic by Ann Marie Coolick


Summer Color Form by LEIF


Banana Split by PLTY


This Just This by Debbie Millman


Geo Light by Lou and the Twin


Moon Phases Full Moon by Color Watercolor


Make Your Own Future by Telegramme Paper Co.


Haven by Helo Birdie


Max Guther


Max Guther is a Mainz, Germany-based illustrator creating digital collages by transforming photographs, textures, and self-constructed objects. With summer in its homestretch I’m really drawn to his pool and beach scenes – hoping to squeeze in some time at both before the month is over!







Courtney Wotherspoon


Being an illustrator is one thing, being an illustrator with a wide breadth of talent and range of styles like Courtney Wotherspoon is another entirely. The Toronto-based artist’s portfolio is overflowing with portraits, comedic collections, and food that looks so good your mouth will water.







Babeth Lafon


Babeth Lafon is an illustrator, currently based in Berlin, who specializes in fashion. Her art graces the pages of magazines, beauty and luxury brands, the pages of books, and department stores around the world. The color palettes she uses, along with the textures incorporated, give each piece a bold painterly look that creates her unique style.