Iamiaa Ameen


Illustrator Iamiaa Ameen has a fun, loose drawing style with which to convey the deep feelings she favors. But I’d say that her artistic style very much includes the palettes she chooses and the way she mixes colors. It takes her art and all of that emotion to the next level.







Print Edition: March 2018

The Limited Edition NASA Posters by Best Made Co. and Standards Manual


Peach Rainbow by Ashley Mary


Dans le vent by Stephanie Rivet


Palm by Paper Covers Rock


Magic Moment by BRONCO


Contemporary Pig Meat by Raymond Biesinger


Floating Leaves 04 by Norm Architects


Cha cha cha by Picomodi


girl in black dress by Jordan Grace Owens


Abstract Landscape by Nancy Knight


Cj Hendry / Complimentary Colors


Just some artfully smeared blobs of paint, right? Wrong. (Of course.) Cj Hendry‘s Complimentary Colors are actually a collection of hyperrealistic colored pencil drawings. Layer upon layer mimics the sheen of oil paint for the series commissioned by Christian Louboutin for Art Basel Hong Kong. What surprised me most, after the unexpected medium reveal, is how Cj was able to achieve such a consistency in color throughout each piece.








Herstory of Feminism Poster


Marie de Beaucourt created this Herstory of Feminism Poster that was inspired by Victorian book design. It features a rose tree timeline of the year women gained suffrage in different countries, important legislative victories in Europe and in the U.S., as well as milestones of key feminist figures around the world.

As a fervent feminist, I wanted to create a beautiful piece of art that would synthesise key dates and facts and introduce some of the women that have shaped the movement or that embody feminist values. It took a while to determine the information I wanted to include and how to present it (a Jezebel journalist and women’s rights activist kindly proofread it for me) and countless hours of drawing and painting. I obviously didn’t aim for exhaustivity, but tried to include information about all waves and as many nationalities and ethnicities as possible. I hope it will make people want to learn more about feminism and its historic activists and thinkers.




Print Edition: February 2018

Peace by Ampersand Design Studio


Pink Floral Bouquet I by Lisa Rupp


Pirkei Avos Quote by Grace D. Chin


Rejected La Croix – Male Tears by Kate Bingaman-Burt


RUDE by scoobtoobins


Checkered Poster by Garance Doré


Dans le vent by Stephanie Rivet


Desert Poster by Linda Benziger


Measurements Poster by Chickpea Magazine


OK by Anna Dorfman


Malika Favre


French-born, London-based illustrator Malika Favre‘s work is often described as being part pop art and part optical art – I can definitely see why. Her use of positive and negative space, along with the large fields of bright primary color present in nearly every piece feel super graphic and full of energy.

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George Greaves


Surrealist artist George Greaves relies on bold, graphic shapes and plenty of shadows and patterns used in conjunction with fields of monochromatic color to create perspective and depth. His unusual cropping and angles bring to mind the work of David Hockney and Matisse, two of Greaves’ biggest inspirations.

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