Matt Cipov.

In honor of my favorite holiday being right around the corner (nine days to go!) I thought a little zombie art might be in order. Take a minute or two and check out Matt Cipov and his crazy-cool artwork. Very, very cool. (Psst…check out the Total Bonus section for some free masks and desktop wallpaper.)


Lottie Frank.

Lottie Frank is really Lucy Claydon. No matter what her name is, she’s a phenomenal artist. Claydon’s story is one of Designer by Day/Illustrator by Night and I think it’s really interesting the way she manipulates her drawings using digital techniques. Espectially in her Dear John series. Really lovely.


Ray Fenwick.

This is truly awesome and totally unexpected. Ray Fenwick is a specialist in illustration, art and lettering who has created a series out of the Slow Jams of LL Cool J. Someone tell me that this is not sheer brilliance. Here’s a partial rendering of my favorite Ladies Love Cool J song.



Etsy would not be what it is were it not for shops like Yellena. Run by an artist/graphic designer who lives on the Central Oregon Coast, Yellena purveys beautiful, vibrant, almost other-worldly illustrations of flowers and plant life. I love the way the artist makes something so bright and original feel so organic and fluid.


Paolo Serraro.

When I first saw the work of illustrator Paolo Serraro of Milan, I was completely taken aback by her use of brilliant colors with stark black and white drawings. I found it interesting that Serraro has her Masters in interior design because I find her work very similar in nature to to the sketches interior designers and architects present to clients. This, above all else, seems to influence her illustrations.



I discovered Etsy seller Menta a few months ago and can’t get enough of her vintage-looking, Mexican-art inspired prints. Most are available for under $20.


Hannah Stouffer.

Illustrator Hannah Stouffer creates amazing works of art, full of layered images, overlapping textures and vivid color palettes. You can purchase silkscreened prints of some of her work at her online store, as well as totes and buttons. (The Lust in Pulp series is my favorite!)


Kate Quinby.

Kate Quinby is an amazing little illustrator out of Seattle/Providence, RI that I came across in Communication Arts. (Seriously, a great issue.) By day she’s working for the Man at Starbucks Global Creative (their in-house ad/design department) and by night for herself under the name Croak and Hum.

Her philosophy is as fresh as her illustrations, “Don’t get caught. I feel as though I’ve tricked the universe into letting me draw pictures for a living, and I don’t have to make any secret deals or sell my soul…I’m hoping that if I keep busy and work hard, no one will notice that I’m actually doing what I wanted to do as a child.”


Einat Peled.

Einat Peled is an incredible illustrator i only just discovered who specializes in images, drawings and editorial illustrations. I can’t find a lot of information on her, but her illustrations are beautiful, especially the black and whites.


Madeleine Stamer and Little Circus Design

I’m keen on all things swoopy and swishy. That said, I’m in love with Madeleine Stamer’s Little Circus Design illustrations. I prefer the all black pieces, but all are truly amazing. Madeleine is out of Melbourne, Australia and has been creating art since childhood. Throughout the years she’s worked as an artist in residence, gallery assistant, art technician, exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, created public and privately commissioned art works and design promo posters and CD art for the band The Blackeyed Susans.