Marc Johns.

I’m in love with the dry wit and tongue in cheek humor that is an integral part of Marc John’s illustrations. And he believes that humor leads to truth, which is awesome. And true.

“I use watercolours in ways you shouldn’t. I make my own sketchbooks. If I smoked, I’d roll my own. I’d rather draw than rent a movie. Don’t try to start a conversation with me about recent films. I haven’t seen any. I play the guitar. If I was a hobo, I’d learn to play the ukulele, because you could fit one in your duffle bag. My artwork and the materials I use are quite compact. You could fit my studio in a large suitcase. I hope you like my drawings, or at least some of them.”

How can you not love that??

:: via swissmiss


Grady McFerrin.

Grady McFerrin’s bio piece pretty much says it all. Who doesn’t love a Trekkie who can draw?? I love his style. I remember seeing the last piece in Comm Arts a few years back and falling in love with it. So glad to have come across both he and work again.


Andrew Bannecker.

Oh Andrew Bannecker, how I love thy work! Bannecker creates beautiful art that captures the imagination and tells a story. He’s worked with clients such as The Land of Nod and Starbucks. I’ve also seen his work in countless magazines as the accompanying illustrations to main articles. I love this man’s style.


Juan Francisco Casas.

I can do a mean cross-hatch with the right pencil, but not even on my best day will the end result resemble a photograph. Juan Francisco Casas manages it with a Bic pen. I would give just about anything to have half the talent this man possesses. And if I can’t have that, well, then I’ll just take one of his drawings.


Nina Clough.

UK artist Nina Clough is my newest crush. I like her work so much that I have trouble describing just what it is about it that I’m in love with. I feel like I’m in junior high. Maybe it’s the contrast between dark black lines and pale, filmy color washes. Or maybe it’s the two sides of her work: dark and dreary versus bright and cheery. Or maybe it’s just that she has the ability to make the mundane oh so interesting. Regardless, owning a piece of her work is a new addition to my ever growing list.


Stina Wirsén.

I love the juxtaposition of the harshness of the black lines and the softness of the lush watercolors Stina Wirsén uses in her work. It’s unbelievable the way she mixes realistic, anatomically correct portions of her figures with the unambiguous shapes and color swaths of their garments. Lovely.


Klas Fahlen.

Maybe this is actually more of a Secret Admirer situation. Because I honestly know nothing about Klas Fahlen other than the fact that he’s an amazing illustrator. The man is an enigma, but his work speaks volumes.


Helen Dardik.

Thanks to print & pattern I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Lilla Rogers Studio and Helen Dardik. This lady’s work is incredible. While everything has a fun undertone and uses a bright color palettee, her style is extremely versatile. I’ve been really into big color fields lately and Helen knows how to use them as well as anyone.