Feel Good Valentine’s Day Printables


This month we partnered again with Vivian Kvitka, aka The Good Viv, to bring you two printable valentines to spread the love. The world needs as much as it can get, and a sweet sentiment or piece of mail (that’s not a bill) has the ability to make people genuinely smile! These print two to a page and can be mailed like a postcard – just write on the back, address, and add stamp – or handed out in person. I think the thing I love most is neither is actually Valentine’s Day specific, they’re all about love and support so print out a bunch and share the good feels!

Download Heart + Might here

Download I Think You Are Magic here







Print Edition: February 2017

Composition 505 by Chad Wys


Lune Watercolor and Ink Original by Louet Folk


Never Let Me Go by Henn Kim


On Moth’s Wings by Lauren Blair


T.S. Eliot Quote by Old English Co.


Orange Flower Fleurs by Sébastien Bouvier


The Neighbors by Home of DODO


The World is Your Oyster by Sugar Paper


We Welcome All Letterpress Poster by OKO Gallery


Vertical Cactus by Fox Hollow Design Co.


Adams Carvalho


Sao Paulo, Brazil-based illustrator Adams Carvalho has been hard at work creating digital art, which is he then prints onto cotton paper. Adams’ choice of pastels really reflect the subject matter at hand incredibly well – surfer chic, millennial land! Check out his shop here.








Mateja Kovač


This week I’m in Palm Springs for a conference and couldn’t help but notice how much Mateja Kovač‘s fashion illustrations fit the vibe. Lots of color, a spectacularly casual feel, and some 60s undertones. Her shop is on a break through February 10th, but you should definitely take a look once the doors are open once again!








Anders Røkkum


If you’d like a little escape today, check out these illustrations by Anders Røkkum. The Bergen, Norway-based artist creates some dark work, both literally and figuratively speaking. It’s all very well executed, but I’m most drawn to the pieces that take place in the stars. Check out his Instagram for the most up-to-date work.






Amélie Fontaine


Amélie Fontaine‘s illustrations make me smile. Her universe is made up of a mysterious and half-dreamed natural history, a strange universe that often includes animals and silent stories told in the form of step-by-step instructions. All I know is that I’d happily move in tomorrow.










Louise Jewell


UK-based illustrator Louise Jewell studied and designed fashion knitwear before turning to illustration. I’m so drawn to the seafaring characters she creates right along with their furry companions. If you pay attention you can also see the obvious influences of prints, patterns, textiles, and fashion. Plenty of Louise’s work is for sale in her shop if you’d like to own it, too.







Jacqueline Smith


Australian illustrator Jacqueline Smith, who also uses the pseudonym Auf Wiedersehen, combines pencil and watercolor to create lovely and mysterious women. Most hide behind their hair and reside in what can only be imagined as somewhere between dreamland and outer space.








Eiko Ojala


Let this be a lesson in always reading the fine print, because these pieces by Estonian artist Eiko Ojala aren’t made from paper. The depth and texture of each one is created digitally, raw edges and all. Ojala loves working with light and shadow while keeping his artworks minimal and focused on the beauty of shapes.