SQFT Gallery.

SQFT has some incredible rotating art and prints are generally one sale through the site.

The Gallery is owned and operated by Aaron Durnin and Kathleen Losche, who aim to use it as a conduit for emerging artist and designers in the Nashville area. Their focus is on two- and three-dimensional contemporary art. SQFT also features an ongoing exhibit of Aaron’s furniture and metalworks. Twelve shows are held per year with the openings on the first Saturday of each month.

Luxery Apartments by Julie Rothman

Shore by Julie Rothman

Chandelier by Julie Rothman


Chad Kouri.

I haven’t come across a lot of information about artist Chad Kouri, but I’m in love with his collage-like art. He also has some pretty awesome logos on his personal portolfio site. Check it out for some Friday eye candy.


Amy Jean Porter.

Amy Jean Porter is an awesome artist I’ve come across lately in My Search for Amazing, Life-Altering Art and Design (if i said that out loud, it would echo with immense importance). Her drawings, some of which resemble pencil and crayon mediums, make me think of what Napoleon Dynamite may have done with his career had the Liger made it big.

My favorites are the antelope jackrabbit (jackelope perhaps?) and the jaguar which is strangely Liger-esque. Don’t miss the best part – at the bottom right hand corners. The jackelope reads, “There’s something savant-like about you” and the jaguar, “Man, you’ve got good-looking handwriting.”


Leigh Wells.

I came across illustrator Leigh Wells on design*sponge a few weeks back and was really taken with her. Leigh creates images for advertising, design, publishing and editorial clients out of San Francisco. Some of her clients (out of a rather lengthy list) include Absolut vodka, Atlantic Records, Convers, The New York Times and Rolling Stone.