Happy {Easter} Weekend

PHOTO: betkaa


01.  mmm, salt water taffy
02. Jenna’s photography on the new Whimsy & Spice site looks delicious
03.  these conjoined skyscraper plates are brilliant
04.  a map of London’s Underground made from string
05. Helveticons
06. what if you lived at IKEA?
07.  loving this literary ad campaign
08.  not a mayonnaise fan, but make it flavored and in great packaging and I’m on board
09.  make some wrap bracelets
10.  the 50 things every graphic design student should know


Me in other places this week:
01.  talking about my favorite nook on Brooklyn Limestone
02.  guest curating on Supermarket


PS: This is the last week to sign up for the mixtape swap!


Mixtape Swap Spring/Summer 2011


Fall, winter, and spring music is not like summer music. I dare you to think of a roadtrip or family vacation and not have at least one song you’d consider part of the soundtrack of your memories. It’s impossible. The music is somehow better, the words mean more, and the beat more likely to get stuck in your head for days on end. And all of those reasons together are why I decided it’s high time to throw a little mixtape swap party. I’m constantly on the hunt for new ear candy, maybe because I spend a good ten hours a day listening to it. And I can’t imagine anything better than some new (or quintessentially summer) tunes blasting in my car, windows down, hair blowing in the wind. So what do you say, want to know the deets?



1. First off, I use the term “mixtape” in reverence for what it was when mixes first emerged in the 80s, your mix will most definitely be on a CD.

2. Email me at designcrushing@gmail.com to sign up by Sunday, May 1st.

3. Tell me what genre (i.e. indie, pop/rock, classic, etc) you usually listen to as well as your mailing address.

4. Choose 15 to 20 songs that scream summer to you and burn away.

5. Go all out with the disk and case art. Graphic design, markers and colored pencils, whatever. It’s all up to you, just make sure it’s not plain and that you include the songs and artists’ names somewhere, somehow.

6. Everyone will be paired off and notified via email by Wednesday, May 4th.

7. Your mix is due in the mail to your swapmate no later than Saturday, May 14th.


Tough Love

Please, please, please get your mix together and mailed on time. It will break my hearts to hear of someone waiting well June, even worse, not receiving one at all. If you don’t think you can get your mix together in time please refrain from signing up, I’m hoping there will be more mixtape swaps in the future for you to take part in.