Rock Blondsky’s Bad Ideas.

Today is one of those days – well, actually it’s one of those weeks – that sorta sucks pretty bad. Anything that pops up on my Humor Radar turns into one of the high points of my day. Rock Blandksy’s Bad Ideas are just what I needed this afternoon and didn’t even know it. I love his I-Know-I’m-Not-Very-Funny-But-You-Think-I’m-Hilarious humor. The little blurbs that accompany each Bad Idea are great. Not to mention that the guy behind it all manages to create some pretty kickass illustrations and packaging in his spare time.


Daily Lit.

Daily Lit was developed by two overwhelmed souls who spent hours each day on email but could not find the time to read a book. Now the books come by email and the problem is solved. An installment is emailed to you each day from a book of your choosing off of Daily Lit’s collection list.

I’m currently making my way through Many Thoughts of Many Minds (Quotations). It’ll take me 2851 days.


The Art of the Business Card.

Business cards intrigue me for a number of reasons. I love that each and every one (no matter how well designed – or not) is a little keepsake. Something that gives someone or something an identity. I love that of all the graphic pieces out there – and there are so many – business cards have become something that society chooses to express and communicate themselves through. And there is so much more. I’ve kept a collection of cards that stand out to me visually or functionally for as long as I can remember.

Now behold this Flickr gallery, where someone has managed to photograph and post their entire business card collection for the world to see.


Happy 5th Veer.

It’s been five years since Veer stepped into the peripherals of creatives everywhere. Not just a stock photo house, but a provider of good photography, illustrations, motion clips and typefaces. Someplace different that allows “us” to break out of the grid and make things work, filter out the mundane, and do the best work possible. Pretty cool. I know that Veer is my source of choice and lots of other designers feel the same way.

I almost forgot to mention Veer’s incredible merchandise. Part self-promotion, part signature design. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Kern Zip Up $69

Extra Black Hoodie $59

Type City Prints $55/10


The Visual Dictionary.

I’m loving this site right now. The Visual Dictionary is a collaborative project to collect as many photographs of words as possible. They aim to do this by asking users to send in their images of words, whether they be “signage, advertising, graffiti, packaging, menus, written in the sky, tatoos, or made of grass” – if it’s a single word they’ll definitely accept it and add it to the dictionary.

How does it work? Simple, type in any word in the Search bar on the homepage. The Visual Dictionary searches and supplies thumbnails of all images related to your entry.


Monday Goodness: On My Desk.

This afternoon, as I eat crumbs of leftover granola bar off of my desk, I bring you the awesome blog On My Desk. It’s not too difficult to explain – basically you email in some photos of your studio or office and a rundown. The best ones get posted and everyone gets to gawk over your immaculate (and sometimes not so immaculate) space. Have at it.

This is the most organization I’ve ever laid my eyes upon and am in awe of the sheer amount of plastic drawers. Fantastic!


Monday Goodness: Listography.

I love a good list. Listography is a site devoted to just that. You can make your own lists on just about anything and check out everyone else’s at the same time. Some that I spotted this morning: Guily Pleasures, Fictional Men I’ve Loved and Attack of the Sweet Tooth.



If you’re a design addict and color-holic like me, Kuler will rock your socks off. A co-worker showed me the site yesterday and I’ve barely been able to get any work done since then. I’m addicted.

Kuler is a Adobe-run site that allows users to log on (with your free Adobe registration) to explore, create and share color themes. You can use it online or download color themes to use with Creative Suite 2 and 3. When I just checked there were over 16,000 color themes to drool over. It’s super easy to use and when you find something you like there’s an icon that gives you the color builds. Love it!

We’re each designing our own business cards today at work and I used this color scheme below on mine.



Someecards may or may not be the greatest thing since ecards. It was created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell, and designed by Jerry Tamburro. New cards, categories, and features will be frequently added until everyone involved with the site dies (or so they say). I swear I can think of at least one person to send every single one of their cards to. Hope you love it as much as I do.