Happy Weekend

PHOTO: i.shoot.film

01/ make this heartbeat necklace
02/ love these DIY hand-painted valentines
03/ Princess Bride wine!
04/ the most amazing party rentals EVER
05/ sugar. cookie. bracelets.
06/ the most perfect heart elbow patches
07/ flying people in NYC!
08/ a collection of pocket protectors
09/ pretty mittens with a fab backstory
10/ make some kicked up slap bracelets!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: paperbrigade

01/ a super simple way to display your magazines
02/ ingenius lemon juice sprayer
03/ 12 bottles every home bar should have
04/ planetary chocolates of the solar system
05/ love this artwork/secret storage box
06/ make your mason jar glass a travel mug
07/ cat questions answered in song
08/ modern DIY pasta art/jewelry
09/ learn how to make graphic paper pencils
10/ make an iPad case from a notebook


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Brent Schoepf

01/ love these modern perforated trees
02/ fantastic patterned tights
03/ candy cane weapons of the North Pole
04/ need help pairing red wine and dinner? this dish towel is where it’s at
05/ learn how to make gold-dipped faux porcelain bowl
06/ hamburger wrapping paper!
07/ the chromatic typewriter
08/ make a geometric holiday garland
09/ the real Daria + Jane


Pinterest + Food + Cocktails

Ever wonder how someone keeps a large quantity of links in order? Well, if you’re me and they’re five years worth of recipes you amass a 150 page single-spaced word processing document full and make your life a living hell. I used to share more foodie things here than I do now, but updating the file has become too much and I didn’t want to just toss the lot of them. So this weekend I started a massive undertaking – adding each and every one to my Food and Cocktail board on Pinterest. (I’m hoping to finish within the month, so take this as your warning either to follow or unfollow that particular board.) I hope you all find at least one recipe to enjoy!




Input the music you’re listening to into Drinkfy’s site and they’ll suggest a matching libation to match the mood. (Most of mine said a cold PBR… wonder what that says about my musical tastes?)


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: mae noelle

You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too! I’m gearing up for a fun-filled weekend that kicks off with happy hour tonight, but I wouldn’t leave you hanging without the usual weekend links to follow.

01/ fascinating composite portrait made using 500 photographs
02/ love this mix-n-match chocolates concept
03/ Milk & Cookies, undulating breakfast food
04/ check out the senseless drawing bot
05/ looking forward to this Eames documentary
06/ movies recast with cats!
07/ it’s the 5th annual Movember, grow a beard for the cause
08/ play HuffPo bingo
09/ now THIS is some serious concealing makeup
10/ I want to try out the online stencil generator


Fax Blog



Sometimes the radness of the internet makes me giddy. Check out Fax Blog. Find the secret fax number (it’s not that difficult) and send them something. Anything.

PS: Good luck finding a fax machine to use.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Travis Summer Deuel

01/ I need one of these MiniDocks for my iPhone at night
02/ Frances Bean Cobain is 18 and I am old
03/ a skateboard-eye view of Manhattan
04/ The Cat Scan – yup, cats on scanners
05/ homemade Slurpees!
06/ I Went to MoMA and…
07/ this fool’s gold necklace is so rad
08/ Design Milk is hiring
09/ learn to take better travel photos