The Everleigh Cocktails


The Everleigh is a well-known hot spot in Melbourne that specializes in Prohibition-era style cocktails. To take their well-crafted drinks beyond the bar they partnered with The Company You Keep to design some of the best looking packaging I’ve seen of late. Taking their main inspiration from vintage perfume bottles, TCYK added the minimal amount of type necessary. The four cocktails available – Martini, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Negroni – can be purchased in a gift box of four or individually. Now the question is, could you bring yourself to drink them?





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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Who says junk isn’t beautiful? The First Law of Kipple will show you in gradient fashion.
02/ A visual project exploring just what it means to be emotionally available.
03/ Well-executed “birth control” work from Julia Blackburn for Planned Parenthood.
04/ Giant copper orbs that show just how much metal comes from a mine.
05/ Pantone-inspired beer packaging from Txaber.
06/ Portraits of five men who participated in the Manhattan Project – in match form.
07/ A vertically-designed Ikea apartment you can climb!
08/ Before/After takes a look at hardcore metal band members before + after performing.
09/ Just what chemicals give autumn’s leaves their color?
10/ These beautiful knives only need sharpened once every 25 years. WHOA.

This week on Design Crush:
Happy go lucky animal illustrations by Kathy Lam.
Remixing a classic – lasagna 10 ways.
Storybook-ready illustrations by Isabelle Arsenault.
A super smart flat water bottle design, check out memobottle.
Beautiful minimal, geometric jewelry pieces from Rebecca Gladstone.
Tips+tricks for the dreaded act of moving house.
Thean’t be beat AW14 home collection from Ferm Living.
Six of my favorite additions to Design Crush the Marketplace!


Happy Weekend

01/ DIY natural home scents.
02/ Now you can display your Instagram photos at home!
03/ This British woman scuba dives in her submersible wheelchair. So cool.
04/ A Bill Murray paper doll!
05/ First there was the Heinekin Brick, now there’s the Heinekin Cube.
06/ DIY custom pet pillows that make me smile.
07/ These photographs of Herbert Sondheim for Hermès make me want to make my clothes!
08/ Loving this DIY metal flower brooch.
09/ Beautiful shadow art by Kumi Yamashita.
10/ A great update for ugly folding chairs.


Luxe Liquors

It shouldn’t shock you too terribly much to know that I shop for wine and liquor much like I shop for household products – according to how well-designed the packaging is of course!

Clockwise from top left: Lovejoy Vodka, Art in the Age Root/Snap/Rhuby, Reyka Vodka, CORZO Tequila, Master of Malt’s Drink by the Dram, Junior’s Midnight Moon Moonshine, Elements of Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Kings County Whiskey, Bully Boy Distillers


Happy Weekend

01/ Ever curious about secret staff communications in fancy restaurants?
02/ Stunning photo essay on people with albinism.
03/ When the Louvre’s statues wear modern street clothes.
04/ I want to wear one of these accordion party hats!
05/ Have a great glass bottle you’re saving? Make a lamp!
06/ A staircase made of optical glass that looks like ice.
07/ Big, beautiful head sculptures representing the four seasons.
08/ A real-life version of Super Mario. (Kinda creepy.)
09/ Color Pencil Tree, a proposed installation.
10/ Surf Pops!


Happy Weekend

01/ Hoping my next house is constructed out of concrete LEGO bricks!
02/ I want to buy my eggs in this packaging.
03/ Your dream is a reality, print postcards that smell like FOOD.
04/ The photography alone makes me want to get my hands on this magazine.
05/ Rose-colored glasses!
06/ Daring enough to try a Hairchitecture ‘do?
07/ WaterDog!
08/ Wonder if this Woven Desk would make me more productive?
09/ Weird + beautiful ceramic teeth mug.
10/ 100 phone booths, 100 artists


Glass Jar Goods

There’s something about foods packaged in glass jars that makes it seem that much more delectable. Maybe it’s that we can actually see what we’re getting, or that it makes us think of someone lovingly preparing the goods in their kitchen. Or maybe even that there’s something we can take away from the experience itself, the jar. Whatever the reason, I’m on board with it.


Pack Fruta Blanch packaging, designed by ATIPUS
(Psst… check out their killer identity design, too!)


Selfridges sweets
{via hooray}


printed jar set from Terrain
for your own jarred goods!


Petter Hanberger.

If you get a chance definitely check out the portfolio of Petter Hanberger. He’s pretty much the definition of creative – the breadth of his work is amazing. These two are my favorite projects on his site.
67 pieces of artwork. All handfolded, packaged signed and numbered by hand. I hope they will give the tea and its bag a new meaning for me and anyone else who gets one.

Petite France is bakery/pastry/lunch cafe at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. They are well known in the neighborhood for high quality and a genuine passion for pastries. We found the word “meet” relevant to resume Petite France; the dough meets the baker, the costumer meets the cafe, the bread meets the costumer, France meets Sweden etc. The result was a number of patterns meeting in a Petite France patchwork. Collaboration with Zorica Radovic.