Kyle Skor


Kyle Skor is an American artist and children’s book author/illustrator. He grew up playing in the prairie snows and forests of the upper midwest, which nurtured in him the spirit of the wandering mystic. At one point he went to Williams College and studied art history and psychology, and chose somewhat prematurely to enter a doctoral program at Harvard at the age of 22. As a graduate student, he spent more time skipping class to read poetry and sketch at the museums of greater Boston and Cambridge than not, an awareness of which ultimately led him to drop out of school and assume a variety of odd jobs, working by candlelight on his “soul stuff”. Between 2005 and 2013, the fruits of most of these efforts found themselves consigned to various landfills around Asia and California.






Megan Krzmarzick


Portland-based abstract artist Megan Krzmarzick uses dramatic, bold colors and textures to get her point across and express deep and resonating emotions and energies.

Through her work, Megan explores healing and identity, the reality of time and beings in flux, and competing narratives that weave in and out of our lives shaping different forms and frames of reality. She is the author of a hand painted poetry zine “Running Away from Home,” a small press publication carried at Powell’s Books. Megan also leads creative workshops as the founder of “Humanities Dept.”





Little Prick


All of UK-based Little Prick‘s pieces are made by hand with pinpricks, then backlit when finished.

“I love the idea of starting with nothing except a blank piece of paper, seeing where it goes and creating something that uses nothing but the paper itself to tell the story. The portraiture pieces are a little older and were a little more pre-planned. I’m moving further and further towards the abstract patterns and forms.”









Print Edition: January 2019

All This And More by Jessica Hische


Anthony Bourdain by Lewis Rossignol Art


Forest by Jean Jullien


Gentlemen by DEF Prints Co.


Gilmore Girls by Sprout Jam


I’m Vegan by Ashley Percival


Mid-Century Modern Art Print by Gallery J9


Pinky Swear by Jazzberry Blue


Tom Waits Cassettes by The Word Association


Tundra by In a Pale Place


Rachel Burke


Brisbane, Australia-based Rachel Burke is a multidisciplinary artist and designer known for her vibrant, tactile designs, and wild tinsel creations. Her custom styles are immediately recognizable and should be considered wearable art. Since starting out with her original short tinsel jacket, Burke has expanded her collection to include longer jackets, dresses, and headpieces.

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Valeska Soares


Brazilian-born, New York-based artist Valeska Soares‘ latest is brilliantly titled Doubleface. In it she flips older paintings over to the reverse side, paints them, and cuts out tiny portals to the original side. It’s also interesting the way Soares titles each one – by the paint color used.






Jim Bachor


Fascinated by ancient history and leaving a mark on the world, artist Jim Bachor merged both interests into mosaics. Through marble, glass, and mortar he creates modern subjects through the ancient art. (And yes, the tiles definitely resemble pixels!)

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Sh*t My Friends Make


One of my favorite parts of my job – and my life – is that I get to meet and befriend the most amazing people. People who spend late nights working on their passion projects, who understand why shopping small is so important, and who are just generally awesome. I had every intention of getting this post pulled together earlier in the month, but my other jobs (I’ve got some hustle, too) have kept me busier than usual. I’m sure some shipping windows have already closed to order things in time, but you never know! And plenty of these guys have sales, free shipping, etc going on right now. Please know that the best, most genuine people are behind these shops. (I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few as well!)


20×200 // fine art prints // photography prints // artist-made objects // limited edition art


Alternate Histories // prints // greeting cards // books // calendar


Amy Hamley Ceramics // tableware // serveware // accents // planters // vases // one of a kind


Ashley Cecil // kimonos // wallpaper // scarves // giclee prints // coloring // snail mail


Black Dog Printshop // linocut prints // watercolors // greeting cards // tote bags // ornaments // t-shirts // kitchen towels


Block Shop // scarves // robes // table linens // pillows // kantha quilts // woodblock paper prints // rugs // notecards


Boots & Arrow // dog collars // dog bandanas // poop bag holders // people accessories


Brave New World Designs // adult and kid size t-shirts


Chipper Things // apparel // home


Commonwealth Press // t-shirts // tote bags // pillows // prints // greeting cards // magnets


Cotton & Flax // pillows // tea towels // napkins // coasters // notebooks


Debbie Carlos // prints // ceramics // jewelry // democracy prints // workshops


Emily McDowell Studio // greetings cards // mugs // keychains // pins // tote bags // pouches // napkins // magnets


Everyday Balloons Print Shop // apparel // greeting cards // prints // can coolies // magnets // ornaments // pins // pint glasses // sketchbooks // tea towels // tote bags


Garbella // baby // bags + pouches // kitchen + home // magnets // mugs // ornaments // stickers //  pins // apparel


Jaime Derringer // original art // prints


Jen Hewett // tea towels // postcards // calendar


Lisa Congdon // prints // greeting cards // notebooks // books // pins + patches // stickers + tape // magnets // temporary tattoos // embroidery patterns


MGG Studio // bracelets // earrings // necklaces // rings


Mom’s Stuff // salve // body oil // face balm


Moop Canvas Bags // backpacks // tote bags // messenger bags // crossbody bags // clutches


Moulton // bracelets // earrings // necklaces // rings


Nicole Aquillano Ceramics // cups + mugs // plates // scoops // ornaments // vases // etc


Noble Friends // pet portraits // pillows // socks // necklaces // tote bags // blankets // mugs // phone cases // etc


Reconstructing Ideas // iconic homes // nautical maps // collage // typography // LGBT greeting cards + prints // custom illustrations


Sapling Press // greeting cards // key tags // mugs // magnets // napkins // notepads // pouches


Savannah Hayes // fabric // pillows // throws // baby // tea towels // zip pouches


Stak Ceramics // planters // tablet docks // phone valets // desktop phone amp // vases


Strawberryluna // prints // stationery + cards // print sets // lunch bags // totes


Studio Stockhome // candles // table linens // pillows


Whimsy & Spice // biscotti + shortbread // marshmallows // sandwich + drop cookies // hot chocolate mixes // brownies // gift boxes


Wild Folk Flower Apothecary // face // body // lips // bath // scent


Wit & Delight Shop // prints // stationery


Wood & Faulk // bags // accessories // home + lifestyle //


Worker Bird // embroidery // home goods // prints // stickers // tees // original tin work


Liza Lou


Los Angeles-based Liza Lou‘s artwork truly boggles my mind. THOSE ARE GLASS BEADS, all of them, every single one, and Lou threaded each bead with her own hands. The sheer size and quantity she’s created for each of these sculptural installations is a lot to take in, and the final works completely mesmerizing. Sometimes the beaded squares are layered on top of one another to create a further depth of color.