Print Edition: March 2019

Alcohol Ink Modern Abstract by KSwanArt


Woman One Line Drawing Print by Infinitenoon


Respite by Buhlaixe


Let The Sunshine In Art Print by moderntropical


Salt Flats by Annie Blake


Wild Thing Art Print by Honeymoon Hotel


Evil Eye Gold Foil Print by The Best Print Shop


I Must Have Flowers Always & Always Wall Art by Artfully Walls


Garden Party Abstract Art Print by Inaluxe


Sun and Sea Cliffs Art Print by Steve Wade (Swade)


Liz Robb


Liz Robb is a Los Angeles-based artist who knows her way around textiles. While creating each of her collections Robb reaches for linen, merino, cotton, porcelain, various earth pigments, found objects, and beads among other materials. She works on and off the loom, creates in wildly varying sizes, and makes some of her own dyes. (If you listen closely, you can hear me bowing down.)











Dodo Toucan


Paris-based Dodo Toucan, helmed by Sara Theron, finds the sweet spot between design and crafts with their ceramic creations. Each one – usually an animal – is part of a very limited series that’s handmade with the hope of brightening up an ordinary day. Some pieces are miniature and can be carried in your pocket as a sort of good luck charm, while others are a bit larger.









Paola Pivi


Life-sized polar bears that are like no other because they’re covered in bright, colorful feathers! Paola Pivi is the artist behind them, and even though the bears aren’t new I love them all the same. Pivi even consulted with a taxidermist to get every detail just right on all eight of her urethane sculptures.






Agri Chapel


Agri Chapel is located within a national park on Kyushu island in Japan, so it only makes sense that architect Yu Momoeda would look to the surrounding forest for inspiration. Just look up and around to see its influence!






Francisca Sutil


You’ll notice how modern abstractionist Francisca Sutil‘s work has changes over the past decades when looking through her portfolio. Different surfaces, larger scales, even different paint viscosities. In her latest series – Mute – she relies on one simple brushstroke shaped like a teardrop to spell out her “uncoded messages.”








Michelle Jader


Michelle Jader looks to motion, emotion, and acrylic panels to create layered paintings that explore transformation and personal growth. Photoshoots with various models are used as a starting point before painting several layers of semi-transparent acrylic panels that are then stacked in front of one another to create depth. Jader’s current series – Into the Unknown – explores the layers of emotion experienced right after we jump off of a figurative cliff and into what awaits.







Fiona Roberts


Let’s get wonderfully weird this Valentine’s Day with the work of Australian artist Fiona Roberts. Her
Façade ceramic series focuses entirely on body parts that are slightly… out of their element. Wet mouths on dinner plates, dozens of dismembered fingers gathered in the bathroom sink, and discerning eyes that seem to be screaming.