Holiday Cards – Part 2


1. Screenprinted Holiday Cards by Allison Cole    2. 2013 Holiday Cards by Fair Morning Blue    3. Ornaments by Red Cap Cards    4. Rainbow Santa Cards by Love Love Me Do    5. Comfort and Joy by Maple and Belmont    6. Christmas Cards by Zoe Tilley Poster    7. Merry Everything & Happy Always by Smock    8. Merry Christmas Letterpress by Foglio Press    9. Tree Cards by 10 ante meridiem    10. Merry Christmas by Michele Maule


Holiday Cards – Part 1

Because Thanksgiving is falling so close to the end of November this year, it really feels (to me) like I’m rolling out holiday coverage early. I’m so thrown off, it seems like we’re going to carve the turkey and Christmas is going to be the very next week! Which is also why I wrote out my holiday cards last week. There are so many incredibly designed/illustrated/written creations that I thought it was high time to start passing them your way.


1. Holiday Paint Card Set – Yellow Owl Workshop  2. Joy to the World – Sycamore Street Press  3. Season’s Greetings Dots – Happy Cactus Designs  4. A Very Merry Christmas – 1canoe2  5. Set of 14 Christmas Cards – House That Lars Built  6. Mid-Century Holiday Ornaments – Moxie House Paper Goods  7. Pop, Fizz, Clink – Kate Spade New York  8. Mulled Wine – memo  9. All is Calm. All is Bright. – Prickle Press  10. Jubilee Christmas Collection – Darling Clementine


Autumn Hellos

With the holidays just around the corner you might be wondering why I’d share a roundup of cards, so let me explain. Holiday cards are bit expected, mid-autumn cards are not. It’s a sweet way to let someone know you’re thinking about them before the madness of late November through early January strikes hard and fast, or to thank someone for a generosity before you get wrapped up in the season yourself. Snail mail always wins!



ROW 1: The Communicate Notecard Set by Olive and the Volcano Letterpress // You & Me, Friends Forever by Whimsy Whimsical // Greetings Notecards by The First Snow    ROW 2: Thank You Citrus Cards by Bears Eat Berries // Greetings, Dear Friend Cards by Honey & Bloom    ROW 3: Whales Box Set by Enormous Champion // What Up Notecard Set by LEIF // Night Light by Red Cap Cards


Creating My Holiday Cards with Zazzle

Sponsored by Zazzle.

Zazzle-1-Design Crush


I’ve always erred on the early side of, well, everything. And holiday cards? Well, they’re no exception. November and December are always straight-up crazy busy in my life, so the sooner I can get my cards done the better. (One year I had them addressed and waiting before Halloween! Only mildly embarrassing in retrospect.)

This year I’ve teamed up with Zazzle to create the perfect holiday card, one that covers all the bases just like I like to do. They have so many customizable options and designs available, it was easy to find something that fit my style. I could have gone with a photo card of my four pets (but they’d never sit still long enough to make that happen) or I could have gone with a shot of my tree from last year (which was exception if I do say so myself), but in the end I opted for this scripted graphic flat that features my favorite holiday phrase from my favorite Christmas song and I couldn’t be happier. I loved going through all of Zazzle‘s color and paper options and choosing just the right thing that my friends and family are sure to flip for come December!


Zazzle-2-Design Crush

Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find cards you’ll covet at


Pattern Box

Pattern Box-1-Design Crush


This collection of patterned postcards – Pattern Box – just makes me happy. You know what I mean, how something seemingly small can do that? Curated by NYC’s Textile Arts Center, it features 100 postcards from ten international designers. Pattern Box is definitely going to amp up my correspondence game which has been sorely lacking in 2013, not to mention the inspiration wall in my office.


Pattern Box-2-Design Crush


Pattern Box-3-Design Crush


Sweet Summer Hellos


ROW 1: Bloom Card Set by Darling Clementine // Tiny Dots + Yellow Cards by Balue/Co. // Woodland Animal Hello Cards by Bears Eat Berries    ROW 2: Merci Gold Card by Tallulah Cards // Postcards from Cotton & Flax    ROW 3: Animals in Teacups by Two Black Cats Studio // Alphabet Card by April & May // Eye Love You by Red Cap Cards    ROW 4: Neon Note Set by Jen Garrido // Merci! Card by Studio Sarah // Oh, Hello Card by Frances Lab


The Zodiac


ROW 1: Ursa Major Constellation Pillow // Original Abstract Constellation Drawing // Constellation Pendent Necklace    ROW 2: Best Friends Sky Map // iPhone Constellation Case // Nightwalk Watercolor Print    ROW 3: Compass to the Northern Sky // Zodiac Birthday Cards    ROW 4: Zodiac Print // Ralph Lauren Wallpaper // Night Sky Map    ROW 5: The Southern Sky // Constellation Matches // Constellation Globe


Download: A Valentine

Valentine13-1-Design Crush

A few years ago I made this same valentine as a paper craft card for friends and family, and it showed up in some mailboxes sans eyeballs (they’d fallen off!). The other day I decided to recreate it as an eyeball-safe card to share with you and your valentines! The PDF download below includes two folding cards to print on 8.5 x 11″ paper (letter size). It’s for personal use only, but you smart cookies already knew that!