365 Days

We’ve all seen journals before, but 365 Days gave me a new idea. I’m not the best at sticking to writing in mine – I really only want to write when something momentous happens, or a special day rolls around, or the urge strikes. I’d love to fill in all the days of this journal in a non-linear fashion,with no regard as to how many years it might take. Who knows, the end result just might be fascinating.


Go On, Make One

I’m always messing around with one project or another, but in the past few months I’ve been gung ho on DIY. I don’t know whether I’m just noticing the great projects out there more, or maybe following some new blogs that are chock full of ideas and inspiration. And you know what? I don’t care which it is because I’m feeling more creative than ever. I’ve already started a few of the projects below and thought you might like to take a shot at them as well.


PHOTO + LINK: Style Scrapbook
DIY “Yellow Clutch”


PHOTO + LINK: eat.live.shop.
Fabric Covered Notebooks


PHOTO + LINK: Dismount Creative
Gilded Jewelry


Fringed Leather Necklace


Color Blocked Pouch


PHOTO + LINK: Dismount Creative
Faux Enamel Necklace


PHOTO + LINK: Honestly WTF
Pom Pom Necklace


PHOTO + LINK: The Brick House
Shelving Unit


My Life in Graphs

I’m a gigantic infographic nerd, I think most designers are. Infographics are a way we can put our creative brains to use in a more analytical manner, all while making everything look nice and organized. That’s probably the reason the My Life in Graphs journal caught my eye. A book full of graphs all about me? Come on, there’s a little bit of narcissistic tendency in all of us.


Clean Slates

I’ve talked several times before about my love of/addiction to new notebooks. I’m not sure if it’s something related to designer/creative types or the just the more heavily organized side of my personality, but I love a clean slate. That first page is always the toughest, I don’t want to mar its vast white landscape with my writing. (Sometimes I skip it entirely. Shhh.) But after that it’s smooth sailing, and I can’t help but wonder what ideas will blanket its pages.


Postalco Notebooks
{via Simple Lovely}


PH Notebooks from Hightide in Japan
{via Creature Comforts}


Stripey Notebook from Our Workshop
(so many designs to choose from!)
{via Art Hound}


monthly/weekly/blank/graph kraft notebooks from Bubbo
{via Creature Comforts}


Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks
{via Creature Comforts – can you tell Ez knows her notebooks?!)


Knock Knock



I love to be organized on paper, even though nine times out of ten it doesn’t translate over to my real life. (It’s the thought that counts, right??) This morning I received an awesome package from Knock Knock with their Around the House Tablet, Vs. Journal, and Life Log that made my day. I’ve long been a fan of their smart and witty organizational tools and can’t wait to put these new pieces to work for me.