Thanks to my obsessions with both notebooks and planners, the Chronotebook by designer Wong Kok Keong is my favorite winner of the MUJI Award 02 competition by far. I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on one!

Diary schedules are arranged in lines and grids, which are difficult to see and has little flexibility. This notebook makes it clear, intuitive and easy to plan and see your daily schedules.

:: via Cool Hunting


&pencil Notebook.

The &pencil notebook is a little bit genius. Never lose your pencil again since it fits into the diecut pages of the notebook which then stays shut with the help of an elastic band. My purse tends to be more like luggage and things I need fall to the bottom of the abyss constantly. This would be perfection.


Napkin Notebook.

Some of the biggest ideas in the world started as a little sketch on a cocktail napkin.

The business plan for Southwest Airlines. Picasso’s earliest sketch of Guernica. The first sentence in A Farewell to Arms. All brilliant ideas that started out on a napkin. Imagine if they’d had a whole napkin notebook.

Now it’s your turn.