en&is’s MegaPhone is both simple and genius. Using the age old method of amplifying sound through a cone, Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero have created this beautiful ceramic and wood piece for use as an iPhone speaker.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Elise Rasmussen


+ Stellar DIY clamp lamp!

+ Gotta say I’m a fan of the pared down Starbuck’s identity.

+ Check out IKEA’s The Art of Cooking videos by Carl Kleiner.

+ There is such a thing as an awesome St. Patrick’s Day card!

+ This sculpture was made out of 31,010 coins.

+ Loving this bold, straight-forward, type-heavy brunch.


Happy Weekend!


Kelly Lamb Planters

Geodesic shapes are kind of a big deal right now, popping up everywhere from hotel pods to fashion runways. I’m especially fond of Kelly Lamb’s contribution, these concrete finish planters.


Ghost Camera.

Since painting half of house light gray (Valspar’s Secret Passage, love the color hated the coverage!), I’ve been congregating a lot of my white and clear glass pieces on my mantle. This little beauty would be right home perched up there with them.


Digna Kosse.

This ceramic project by Digna Kosse is completely brilliant. She describes it best…

People are consuming more and more. All materials and resources we are using, are not in proportion to our own bodies, and our size in relation to the planet we are living on. For a long time, the human body has been the measure for many things, f.i. distances and weights. In this project, my body becomes a measure for consumption. I measured all parts of my body in volumes (litres)and these volumes I have captured in a series of tableware. on every bowl, cup and dish an engravement is placed, that says which part of the body and which volume fit into it.


Anne Ricketts.

It’s a silent goal of mine to own a small bronze sculpture in my lifetime. Lucky for me there’s Anne Ricketts. All of her pieces are miniature or small in size and designed to make quality craftsmanship affordable. (I’m leaning towards the heart.) {via Cool Hunting}