Happy Weekend

01/ Beautiful brick biotopes.
02/ Always wanted concrete walls?
03/ A great idea to add some texture to your outdoor planters.
04/ Loving this Jenga-esque DIY stacked wood table!
05/ Dreaming of a large-scale straw blown trees project!
06/ Already downloaded these to keep track of my summer reading list.
07/ Kinetic Creatures made from cardboard! Support the project.
08/ Such a smart/fun/versatile backdrop idea.
09/ Crushing hard on Sweater Letters.
10/ Deconstructing the Houses is insane!


Happy Weekend


01/ A fold-out bookshelf, for when you want to be fancier than you are.
02/ Huge awesome/creepy marionettes!
03/ How to make a cardboard chandelier!
04/ A reusable drink carrier that’s perfect for picnic-ing.
05/ Abstract embroidery is a thing!
06/ 10,000 meters of yarn can be really beautiful.
07/ DIY marbled glassware that’s practically screaming for a good cocktail.
08/ Doubt many people are throwing this concrete business card away.
09/ Travel tic-tac-toe that’s perfect for roadtrips.
10/ The World’s Longest Invoice. Happy I don’t have anything to add to it just yet.


Tea Towelin’

Tea towels are one of those things that I’m continually amassing, then wondering where they all came from. I love that it’s essentially an empty canvas of material that can be turned into an affordable piece of art. Then we display it on a hook or draped over the oven handle in our kitchen, and dry our dishes and our hands on it. A little under-appreciated, no? (Kidding!) I’ve got my eye on these beauties.


Dishes I’d Rather Be Doing by dear colleen


Houndstooth tea towel by Avril Loreti


Jatski tea towels by marimekko


linen tea towel by sweet nature designs


Tasty Double Cheeseburger towel set by girls can tell


Ink Blot Tea Towel by Pigeon Toe


Moa Baskets

Moa baskets are handmade by Marcel Basau and Eva Marquerre. The team uses a techinique in which elastic yarn is woven on a wooden stretcher and covered in resin, then the stretcher is pressed down over a form and secured until dry. Voila, a basket is born.