Kate O’Connor.

I don’t know what it is about embroidered text, but these days I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m super jazzed about these pieces from Kate O’Connor. The handkerchiefs they’re sewn on make them that much sweeter. Swing by her portfolio to check out her paintings and illustrations as well!

:: via Modish


Rise and Sigh Bed Sheets.

Designer Martina Carpelan took sleeping (or a lack thereof) to the next level with the creation of her Rise and Sigh bed sheets.

Rise and sigh is a collection of revealing bed sheets that plays with incidents often taking place in hotels. Different sleeping positions give different imprints on the sleepers’ body. The imprints give you a hint about last night’s atmosphere, suggest you what to do and tell things about you.The Rise and sigh collection consists of three embroidered bed sets; for the bachelor, for the love affair and for the one night stand.

:: via Roadside Scholar


Renewable Clothing.

Fernando Brizio is on the cutting edge of design with his renewable clothing. By placing colored felt-tip markers into the pockets of his dresses their appearance changes over time. Within an hour or so the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each wearing of the ensemble. The dress can then be washed and colored a different way for the next time!

:: via swissmiss


Dan Golden.

Dan Golden designs and creates these amazing – sometimes snarky – area rugs that will definitely give any room a personality all its own. I feel like he’s really taking his work to the next level by using his art in such a way that it can be put to use in everyday environments.

Besides having some serious talent, Golden adopts a sheep from Oxfam for every single rug purchased. Now that’s what I call some serious giving back.


Third Drawer Down: Teatowels and Handkerchiefs.

By placing art into the most domestic of circumstances – on teatowels and handkerchiefs – Third Drawer Down promotes art and every day life. TDD reproduces artwork by contemporary Australian and international artists as limited edition screen prints, some based on illustrations, while others on type. My favorites seem to be primarily by the same artist. Check out the TDD site for a list of ideas on what to do with the teatowels and handkerchiefs besides drying dishes or blowing your nose.