Gavin Coyle


You know that person who is super creative and can make just about anything? That’s Gavin Coyle, a studio workshop based in East London dedicated to preserving the skills of traditional craftsmanship in new ways. They’re an incredibly innovative group with a less is more ethos who create as little waste during production as possible. Check out their shop or request a bespoke piece all your own.






Nagato Iwasaki / Torso


Oh my goodness – can you even begin to imagine coming upon Nagato Iwasaki‘s Torso sculptures in the middle of the forest?! Talk about an unexpected surprise. Each faceless figure is created from twisted, bleached driftwood that’s scavenged, then assembled to mimic the human form complete with musculature and organs. Iwasaki uses nothing but wooden stakes to hold his creations together.









deerjerk‘s – aka Bryn Perrott’s – woodcut art hit my radar when I saw her incredible protest sign amidst the masses at the Pittsburgh Women’s March in January. Her work has been used as beer labels, band merchandise, tattoos, and more though she’s best known for the individual woodcuttings. Bryn’s high-contrast relief carvings feature themes like animals, death, and religion with a folk art feel that often mix cuteness with gore. The pieces are incredibly affordable and sellout fast, so you should go have a look at what’s currently in the shop!

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Tugboat Printshop


I was following Tugboat Printshop and their traditionally hand-crafted, fine art limited edition woodcut prints long before I realized they were even from Pittsburgh. Each unique piece Valerie Lueth creates is an original, authentic work of art created start-to-finish by hand. Tugboat’s drawings are made on 3/4-inch birch woodblocks, then carved in low relief using knives and chisels before being printed directly from the hand-carved blocks. I really appreciate how detailed each piece is and the incredible amount of work put into every woodcut print.

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Self-Watering Vertical Gardens


Because I’m forever looking for extra space to add more plants in my home, I love the idea of these self-watering vertical gardens. Matt Rabinovitch has designed two, one that’s seven feet tall and a second that’s eight feet long – you can purchase both in his Etsy shop. A wall of plants as art is something I can definitely get behind!




via My Modern Met


Jessica Waterman


Jessica Waterman‘s wood and textile pieces make me want to visit Labrador and Newfoundland immediately! From colorful row houses to nature’s wilderness, inspiration comes from the surrounding areas, woods and textiles chosen because they reflect the land’s character. There’s no denying the beauty of the carpentry and art creations coming out of Jessica’s studio where she combines her carpentry skills with a costume design degree.








Louise McRae


New Zealand’s Louise McRae‘s sculptural wall art uses discarded building materials that she paints and splits into smaller shards. Each piece ends up feeling as though it’s organically found its place among the hundreds of others.











GRAV GRAV is the wearable wood handiwork of Merve Burma. In her Istanbul-based workshop she creates wooden bags with natural materials like walnut, oak, and beech accented with cross-stitched imagery and leather details. Each piece feels as unique as the person who will one day carry it.