Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter

Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter-1-Design Crush


Have you ever grown anything using hydroponics? I haven’t, but I’m intrigued by Modern Sprout. I love how simple this windowsill box looks and can definitely imagine it in my kitchen busting at the seams with herbs. Place the planter near a sunny window, set the timer, add plants and organic fertilizer and plug it in. That’s it. Even my brown thumb might have trouble messing that up!


Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter-2-Design Crush


Modern Sprout Hydroponic Planter-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ I’m completely intrigued by these giant melting popsicle ice sculptures.
02/ Windows of New York, a weekly illustrated atlas.
03/ NBD, just a lamp made of chocolate.
04/ The Mantone 2013 Color Forecast, according to stereotype.
05/ This school photo took 3 years to capture!
06/ The Pictures In the Pudding.
07/ Portraits made entirely of shredded poetry.
08/ Fun spoon wallpaper.
09/ Benjameme, the work of art in the age of the internet.
10/ Beautiful urban vertical garden made from hundreds of recycled soda bottles.


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Seed Money

Seed Money-1-Design Crush

PHOTOS: Notcot

Seed Money is definitely one of those things I wish I’d thought of first – it looks like the real thing (right down to the roll!) and grows colorful flowers and vegetables once tucked into the soil! It’s hand-illustrated and letterpress printed onto thick paper that’s embedded with the seeds. How fun would it be to leave a few in different places for unsuspecting people to find?! (via Notcot)


Seed Money-2-Design Crush

Seed Money-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

01/ 72 year old man models his granddaughter’s line of teenage girl clothes.
02/ MuchLoved, a photo series of over-loved stuffed animals.
03/ Bicycle Taxidermy.
04/ Make your own Star Wars snowflakes.
05/ Tableware as sensory stimuli.
06/ An awesome clay letter garland, because sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder.
07/ Check out Singapore’s Supertrees – solar-powered vertical gardens.
08/ A modern art covered church.
09/ Scattered Crowd, an installation of thousands of balloons floating in a see of sound.
10/ A walkway of severed purple logs.


Happy Weekend


01/ looking forward to hoarding apples and making these apple ring fritters
02/ a mini version of this garden wall would look so good on a back porch or patio
03/ this hanger shelf is a brilliant use of space
04/ pretty DIY thread-wrapped hair combs
05/ Joy knows how to throw a cat a birthday party
06/ off-the-wall silkscreened paper masks
07/ typeface birdhouses!
08/ help the wildfire relief efforts in central Texas with these graphic tees
09/ all receipts should be this beautifully organized
10/ make an ombre denim button-up shirt


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Macrame Plant Hangers

PHOTO: Heather Moore

I think I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a row house. That didn’t leave a lot of room for a garden or the plants that my mom wanted around, so she relied on a few macrame plant hangers in front of our living room windows. I wish I could say that these are some revved up modern versions, but they’re not. They’re exactly the same and that’s just what I love. In fact, I think I’m going to make a few for my own living room windows.