On the Rocks: Eggnog.

People are either strictly pro or strictly con when it comes to eggnog, and I can see why. Raw eggs? Not so appealing. I reside firmly in the pro category, but have yet to make my own. I’ve been doing a little research on some not so typical versions of this classic holiday beverage and here’s what I’ve come up with. As always, just click on the photos to view the recipe source.


Happy Weekend.

Victor Eredel

+ Making your own cocktail mixers and packaging them in cool bottles makes for a great hostess gift.

+ This ice skating party looks like so much fun.

+ I love the idea of wood wallpaper.

+ The wrapped packages decorating this branch advent calendar are just begging to be opened.

+ Crazy delicious popcorn ball flavors.

+ These make me want to attempt making a modern gingerbread house!

+ Great illustrated cards from Tad Carpenter.

+ Check out my guest post on unique hotels at Snippet & Ink.

Happy Weekend!


On the Rocks: Holiday Edition.

I don’t know about you, but I make it through the holidays a little better with some social lubrication. So many friends, so much family, and so much to be grateful for. Which coincidentally means lots of talking and lots of socializing in a condensed amount of time, something I can’t say I excel at. Here are a few adult beverages that just might be perfect for your tree trimming party or Christmas Eve dinner. (As always, click on the image to go to the recipe source.)


Homemade Spirits.

I’m only speaking for myself here, but my holiday budget is tighter this year than it’s been in some time. I’m talking pre-career. The nice thing about that is that it’s made me think about the gifts I’m giving even more than I normally would. Starting today I’ll be sharing some ideas for handcrafted gifts to make and give.

Sure, I could buy a friend a bottle of their favorite alcohol at the liquor store, but something homemade might be even better. And cost a little less. And be a little cooler, just think of all the bottling possibilities!


Coffee Liqueur

Cranberry Liqueur


Happy Weekend.


+ Talking Pictures: found photos with writing on them

+ Obsessing over the illustrated works of Erica il Cane.

+ Probably going to need some of Martha S.’s holiday paper tape since I’ve decided to go with kraft paper for wrapping gifts this Christmas.

+ Have you seen the new IKEA book?

+ Or the stop motion video behind the making of their cookbook, Homemade Is Best?

+ How about this typographic experiment video?

+ Loving these clean + minimal wallpapers for your iPhone.

+ Wishing I’d thought of this book idea first. I like biting.

+ If you’re feeling lazy this Thanksgiving, I have just the dish for you!

+ Does that not look like the most comfortable skirt ever??

+ Looking forward to making these Rainbow Fudge Pops next summer.

+ Mmmmm… mulled wine.


Happy Weekend!

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Let’s Talk Birthdays. And Parties.

{via ffffound}

As in mine is right around the corner, this Thursday as a matter of fact. (My birthday, not my party.) And while I’m not much for extravagant celebrations centered around myself, who doesn’t love the idea of their special day being just that… special. I’m thinking my ideal par-tay might go a little something like this.

I’d definitely need a gorgeous dress (Or two. Or three.). Wardrobe changes are sooo in right now.  Left to right: 3.1 Philip Lim handmade sequined silk dress, alice + olivia dress with organza skirt, Zucca accordion pleat lace detail dress

And of course no party ensemble would be complete without a bit of baubly bling. Left to right: limitless strand necklace + sera petal posts, scintilla triple strand + minted leaf earrings, beaded swag bib necklace + weimar earrings

And although I’ll probably end up barefoot by the end (all good parties end sans shoes), I probably shouldn’t start out that way. Left to right: Clara’s slipper flats, first-glow peep toes, eyelet platforms

Confetti System would of course be in charge of decorating every nook and cranny with sparkly awesomeness.

Shiny happy dinnerware would definitely be in order because we’d have to stop and eat at some point…

… you know, to soak up some of the alcohol. Left to right: brandy milk punch, ginger & lemon beer, hot chambord cider

And there would be lots and lots of cake, more than even I could handle, decorated with these banners.

You’re invited, think you can clear your schedule?


Halloween Goodness.

emma who


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• Loving this project for ‘Harvest Houses’
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• Loving these morbid terrariums!


• Would love to throw a Witching Hour party with the girls
Get pumpkined!


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