Cube Jigger.

I’m an unintentional collector of barware. Most of what I own is retro in design, some of it actual vintage pieces. I run the gamet though and even own some crystal. I’m always on the lookout for cool pieces and accessories, which might explain why I own something like five cocktail pitchers alone.

The Aluminum Cube Jigger by designer Josh Owen is so innovative – it has different pour measure on every side. According to Josh “the design of the Aluminum Cube Jigger evolved from an experiment to compress the six most common liquid measures used to mix alcoholic drinks, into the smallest possible dispenser. the form was inspired by traditional box-shaped, Japanese sake cups, from which sake is sipped from the corners.”

You can get your very own at at Unica Home for $20.


Matthew Mead Style.

I discovered a great new site this morning – Matthew Mead Style – which pins themselves as “fresh ideas for modern living.” It’s very Martha in a less passive-aggressive, anal kind of way. Mr. Mead covers Entertaining, Style, Collecting, as well as a rotating category that can be anything from pasta recipes to holiday ideas. There’s also a section on downloads. The site is seasonally based, meaning it only changes once a season and is updated only that often. So far I love what’s been done and will definitely be checking back.