Mad Props: April.


Rotating Outlet.

Just as I was starting to write this post I realized I’ve developed a sort of fascination with electrical outlets. No, not in a “Wonder what will happen if I just stick this fork…” sort of way. More of a sick obsession with their functionality. My latest? This rotating outlet. Perfect for when you need to plug your hairdryer and cell charger (or anything else with two of those big ‘ol boxy plugs) into the same place at the same time.


Hang On Outlet.

Thanks to designer Paula Oh we can all rid ourselves of Power Vampires. You know, those appliances and whatnot that suck electricity even when you’re not actually using them. Her Hang On Outlet encourage you to unplug the little money suckers when not in use by incorporating a notch to hook the plug onto. Gotta love that smart design!

:: via geeksugar


Crestview Doors.

Crestview Doors design and build custom entry doors inspired by vintage 1950’s and 1960’s designs. So many gorgeous options. Right now the front door on my house is white. And boring. One of these bad boys is definitely not in my budget at the moment, but I’m thinking of ways I can spruce up the existing one a bit. (In an economical way of course.) Paint perhaps. Suggestions?


Chimo Fireplace.

I love the idea of being able to put a fireplace wherever you feel like. Especially if you’re a renter or someone who owns a first floor condo. That said, the Chimo firplace rocks. It installs in minutes to any wall and has no need for any sort of chimney. The secret is Ethanol which is a safe, clean burning fuel that is completely organic and made from renewable resources like corn, potatoes, wheat and other vegetables. And it’s green since it’s not a fossil-fuel and burning it does not increase the greenhouse effect like other fuels. Three different shapes and sizes of fireplace are available to mesh with your lifestyle.


Brush and Rinse.

This is the point of amazing, functional design – the Brush and Rinse. Created by Amron Experimental, the Brush and Rinse redirects water from the faucet to your mouth in a beautiful arch. Goodbye paper cups, glasses, slurping from the faucet, sucking water from the bristles and cupping water in your hand to rinse. I love that all it took was a simple tweak of an ordinary, everyday toothbrush to turn it into something dually functional. It turns brushing your teeth into something fun and what more can you ask. Oh, that it only cost $3? Done.